9 Best Chef Knife Under $100 to Buy in 2021 || Reviews and Buying Guide


What is the best chef knife under $100?  All chef knives don’t make from the same material. if you want to buy the best chef knife for under $100 then you should be considered its material, quality, durability, etc. It is something quite understandable that people desire to purchase such a knife that entirely comes up to their expectations. In this regard, one thing you must remember that companies do not make all chefs knives with the same material and quality. And this is something that puts an immense difference between their areas of performance and appearance.

If you are about to buy a good chef knife for under $100 dollars, we will counsel you to check many things in the knife, including its quality, comfort-level, solidity, and performance.

List of the Best Chef Knife Under $100

Victorinox 8 inch Chef Knife – Best Budget Chef Knife 0.5 lbStainless Steel 4.8/5Check Price
Imarku Pro Kitchen 8 inch- Best Chef Knife Under $308.5 ozStainless Steel 4.6/5Check Price
DALSTRONG Chef Knife- Best Chef Knife Under $1001.3lbDamascus Steel4.7/5Check Price
Wustof Classic- Best Chef Knife Under $2000.6 lbStainless Steel 4.8/5Check Price
Mac Knife Hollow Edge Chef’s- Best Professional Chef Knives1.5 lb Steel4.7/5Check Price
J.A. HENCKELS International Classic0.2 ozStainless Steel 4.7/5Check Price
ELITE Infinity Chef’s Knife 8 inch- Best Japanese Chef Knife8 oz Stainless Steel 4.7/5Check Price
Kuma Chef Knife 8 inch- Best Razor Sharp Chef’s Knife4.8 ozStainless Steel 4.5/5Check Price
DALSTRONG Chef’s Knife- Best Value Chef Knife1.5 lb Steel4.7/5Check Price

Buying Guide: What You Need to Consider Before Buying the Best Chef Knife Under $100

We want to make it abundantly clear to you that there are a few basic things which you must consider before you make a final decision for purchasing a chef’s knife.

The Full Tang

The handle has two portions attached by pins or rivets. The full tang is used to cover all handles. This is a way that makes it possible for you to view the tang in the length of the whole gripping handle of the chef’s knife. It is due to the full tang handle that your chef’s knife would perform precisely in line with your expectations.

The Partial Tang

There is one more thing related to the design which you need to check before buying a chef’s knife. It is about its partial tang. It is entirely narrow but partially inserted into the holding area of the chef’s knife. It is steak knives that usually use the partial tang.

Weight and Handle

Maybe you know already that the weight and handle of a knife contribute a lot to its cutting performance. The fact of the matter is that the weight of your knife should be proper and balanced if you wish to use it in line with your desires. Some knives are heavier, and some are lightweight.

We think you must know which weight of the knife is suitable for your hand. It would be best if you also try to buy such a knife, the handle of which should prove trouble-free when you use it.

Bolster Bluff

The bolster bluff is something that makes it sure there should be a trouble-free balance between handle and blade that is necessary for the knife to give it solidity. It is due to this balance that good transition becomes possible and easy. It is a thick junction, that plays a better part in counter-balance of the handle of your knife. It is essential to enhance the control of your knife.

It is because of bolster bluff that you are capable of using your knife correctly. Sharpening and the right kind of gripping are the things that are done by this bolder bluff.


You may know that most people tend to buy a big knife for themselves. We want to caution you in advance that bigger knives are difficult to use. You must need to think first about what size of the knife is suitable for your hand, a seven-inch Japanese-style knife or an eight-inch German chef’s knife. We feel tempted to suggest to you that the size of the chef’s knife can good you fantastic performance in your kitchen.

You need to know beforehand what kind of fruits and vegetables you want to cut with your knife in addition to other things like the extent of your previous experience with a knife, your hand size, and your knife’s design.


Sharpness is a crucial element of the chef’s knife performance. People are intent on buying a knife that can cut all types of fruits and vegetables. The right kind of sharpness of your knife is something that would ensure cutting of all kinds of vegetables and fruits by it. Regular honing of your knife is necessary to get the sharpness of your liking. But make it sure that your knife is not immensely sharp. It can be risky to use such a knife that possesses extra sharpness.

And now we are going to tell you about some suggestions concerning the 9 best chef knives so that you may feel confident to purchase a knife of your choice.

1.Victorinox 8 inch Chef Knife – Best Budget Chef Knife

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

⇒  This knife possesses a tapered edge to ensure the making of an excellent angle, and this is the quality that would give you an ideal cutting experience.

⇒   It possesses a fibrox handle that ensures safety regardless of the dimension of the hand

⇒  You would not feel tiredness in your hand and wrist during the usage of this knife.

⇒  This knife is hygienic and dishwasher safe without causing any problem to you.

Product Description

We believe that Victorinox 8 inch Chef Knife must be your final choice if you have the ambition to perform every task in your kitchen with only one knife. You would see laser-tested, tapered, and razor-sharp edges to form a perfect angle that makes it possible for you to have a fantastic cutting experience.

We are sure that this knife is going to give you the best performance and that too for a long time. You can do the jobs of mincing shallots, dicing onions, crushing garlic and chopping herbs while holding this knife in your hand. You can also slice different meats so well with the help of this knife.

This knife works so smoothly in every situation regardless of being wet or dry. And when you would examine its unique design, you would come to know that it can perform well in your kitchen with much safety and brilliance.


 It is well balanced, holds its edge very well

 The handle has great grip

 Comfortable and versatile

 Slicing raw meat effortlessly

 A lightweight and thinner blade



Χ Not too much sharp


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2.Imarku Pro Kitchen 8 inch- Best Chef Knife Under $30

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Key Features

⇒  This knife is a possessor of 8-12° super sharp cutting edges.

⇒  Its convenient handle cancels out the danger of making your hands experience numbness and tiredness.

⇒  This knife would remain sharped no matter how long you use it.

Product Description

The company has designed this knife to serve a variety of purposes because after purchasing it, you can quickly put it to use for cutting, chopping, and dicing ingredients. You can also use this knife to smash garlic and chopping meat from the bones. This knife gives you a convenient use on account of its brilliant handle. We are sure that you will have minimum chances of experiencing ache or numbness in your hand and wrist after using this knife.

You would observe some enhanced flexibility in this knife due to its full tang capacity. It is loaded with some additive hardness owing to its three rivets. Its 8-12° cutting edges make it possible for you to have tasty foodstuff along with laser precision. You can hold this knife in your hand with a full sense of easiness on account of its possessing an ergonomic handle. We also deem it extremely necessary to bring it to your knowledge that it can be hazardous to hold this knife in your hand because it is so sharp. So, it would be best if you practice caution before you are about to take it in your hand.

Many experts make it clear that the sharpness of this knife remains the same after its demanding uses, but that is not to say you should observe negligence in honing it. We counsel you to hone it now and then so that you can get the best results from it at all times.


 It is solid, light-weighted, and handles well

 It looks very nice and professional

 It is an all-purpose kitchen knife

 It’s very comfortable to hold.

 The blade is sharp & thick, a little over 2mm, and hard



Χ It little bit hard for beginners


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3.DALSTRONG Chef Knife- Best Chef Knife Under $100

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Key Features

⇒  This knife gives a brilliant performance because of its features of Ultra sharp, precision-forged, high carbon ThyssenKrupp steel.

⇒  It possesses a Pakkawood handle that makes it beautiful on one hand while adding to its capability of giving better performance on the other hand.

⇒  It is perfectly tempered having the full ability to resist stains coming to its surface.

⇒  It is a mirror-polished, triple-riveted knife to give you the best results in line with your expectations.

Product Description

No doubt it is the best knife due to having numerous features like high-quality, cutting-edge technology, extra-ordinary craftsmanship, and stunning designs. Experts say you can purchase this knife at a reasonable price and you would adore it for its trait of cutting and slicing all kinds of vegetables and meats in your kitchen. This knife is sharper and tempered in addition to having the ability for resisting stains just because of its one quality, and this quality is that German steel has been used in its design.

We also want to tell you this knife would turn out to be more useful for you in your kitchen if you manage to use it with a full-tang and razor-sharp hand-polished blade. It possesses a triple-riveted Pakkawood handle, and it is the handle due to which you find yourself in a comfortable position to hold it in your hand.

The fact of the matter is that this is a knife that becomes more efficient because of premium material and result-oriented heft that play a fundamental role in making this knife ideal for you. It is an utterly sharp knife that has the full potential to perform well while being in your hand to earn praise from you. You would see a tall blade in this knife due to which you get maximum performance from it. You should also make up your mind to hone it after you use it every time.

Do not try to hold it when your hands are oily and wet to avoid any unexpected danger.


 Very comfortable fit in the hand and with maneuvering around the cutting board. This knife has made my routine chopping faster, easier and generally a lot more pleasurable. Stepping up your technique and knife care will also let you get a lot more out of this knife.

 Rose-petal pattern of Damascus steel with a hammered finish: this knife is intricate, shiny and beautiful!

 The stainless layers around the high carbon core are very convenient. For the average user, who doesn’t want to oil their knives, this is a fantastic feature.

 Weight and balance are great.


Χ One thing to be aware of is this knife will probably not fit into many knife blocks because of how far the heel of the blade goes past the handle, so you will probably need to store this knife in its sheath.

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4.Wustof Classic- Best Chef Knife Under $200


Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

⇒  It does have an 8-inch superior blade that gives an adorable you chopping and cutting performance.

⇒  Its attractiveness lies in its design and its triple-riveted handle.

⇒  Forged high-carbon materials, hand-honed razor-sharp blades contribute a lot to making this knife a necessary item in your kitchen.

Product Description

It is an ideal knife for you because it has the potential to give you expected results when you wish to put it to use for quick meal preparation. This knife is a beautiful one because it has attractive looks. It is capable to cut all kinds of vegetables in a couple of minutes. Experts say its balanced weight makes it possible for it to perform well while saving your time.

It is a knife that possesses an incredible sharpening skill that does not fade down even if you use it for a long time. You can use it to cut meat, fruits and cooked conch without exerting any tremendous effort.

And finally, you need to keep in your mind that there should be some caution on your part before you begin to use it. There are chances that its sharpness may do any unthinkable harm to you in case you do not adopt a cautious approach at the time of using it.


  Triple riveted handles

  Ergonomic handle

 Made of long-lasting synthetic material

  Fading and discoloration resistant


Χ Scuff marks and fingerprints on the handle


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5.Mac Knife Hollow Edge Chef’s- Best Professional Chef Knives

Best Professional Chef Knife

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

⇒   It is an ideal knife, and you can use it for both places at your home as well as at your restaurant. It would work amazingly everywhere.

⇒  You would be astonished by the performance of this knife that does things in all kitchens like a workhorse.

⇒  You would observe sharpness for a long time in this knife that boosts its cutting ability.

Product Description

We can hold out this assurance to you that this knife would serve you well when you are about to perform a variety of tasks in your kitchen. The fact is that it’s cutting and slicing traits make it a darling for many professionals who are all admiration for it.

You can cut into slices almost every kind of food due to its useful razor-sharp thin blade and bolster. If you prepare yourself to buy this knife, we can tell you beforehand that you would surely admire your decision to purchase this knife because it would give you an edge over all other knives available in the market.

One more additive advantage of this knife is that you have to exert less force in cutting, chopping, and slicing different edible things in your kitchen. The handle of this knife gives you a convenient grip over it. And at the end, it is essential for you to dry your hands and use cut-resistant gloves to serve the purpose of self-safety during this knife effectively.


 2mm blade with great cutting performance


 Hand wash is recommended

 Original Molybdenum steel has better edge-retention


Χ Chip came out of the sharp edge of the blade


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6.J.A. HENCKELS International Classic


Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

⇒  It works at a greater speed even if you tend to exert less force of your hand.

⇒  It is a balanced knife to give better results in all kitchens.

⇒  We are sure that you would not experience any achiness in your hand or fingers after you have used it.

⇒  Its non-slip does not pose any danger to you even if you use it with wet hands.

Product Description

It is a knife that possesses good looks along with the ability to perform well while winning your favour in the long run. You must be aware that its good quality material plays an essential role in increasing its solidity and cuteness as well as making it capable of performing tasks in keeping with your desires.

The weight of this knife is not more than necessary, and this is the thing that makes it possible for the knife to come up to the expectations of customers. If you possess this knife in your hands, you would feel free to chop thicker or thin foods without facing any problematic situation. Its handle is excellent and hard, but that is not to say that it is lacking in giving good performance. The reality is that the knife becomes more powerful on account of having a rigid handle.

Experts believe that modern technology has been used to make sharpness of this knife work for a long time. You can buy it in a size that is okay for you.


 Made in Spain

 High quality German stainless steel

 Dishwasher safe

 Ergonomic, traditional triple rivet handle


Χ Expensive price

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7.ZELITE Infinity Chef’s Knife 8 inch- Best Japanese Chef Knife

Best Japanese chef knife

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

⇒  It is available in the market while having good sharpness that is from 12 to 15 degrees sharper edge.

⇒  This knife resists stains coming on the surface.

⇒  This knife would remain a long-lasting companion of your kitchen because of its immensely fascinating qualities.

Product Description

ZELITE Infinity Chef’s Knife 8 inch- Best Japanese Chef Knife is a modern style knife that is efficient to capture your attention based on more than one qualities. We can tell you beforehand that it would come in your hands with a Damascus pattern design and very enticing looks to increase the beauty of your kitchen.

You can surely chop, slice, and dice vegetables, fruits, fish, and meats after you hold this knife in your hand. Its full-tang handle possesses immense power because it happens to be triple-riveted. Moreover, this handle is ergonomically designed and gives you a proper grip over this knife. You will get an amazing experience due to its good performance. Its sharpness too turns it into a necessary item of your kitchen because it cuts and chops things so sharply.

We suggest to you that you must hone it on a regular basis through this knife is to be sharp for a long time.


 67-layer high carbon stainless steel

 57mm Deep Blade

 Black handle triple riveted

 Lifetime warranty


Χ  Edges has chipped                         

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8.Kuma Chef Knife 8 inch- Best Razor Sharp Chef’s Knife

Kuma Chef Knife

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

⇒  You would find it extremely capable of chopping your vegetables, slicing fruits, cutting meat and thin bones.

⇒  You would find it extremely capable of chopping your vegetables, slicing fruits, cutting meat and thin bones.

⇒  Cr13 steel blade of this knife is very solid and efficient to sharpen.

⇒  You would notice lightweight materials in the making of this knife.

Product Description

People usually give priority to products of Kuma because they prove very useful when it comes to cooking tasty meals and that too on time without having to face any delay. If beauty, performance and precision are basic standards for you that you commonly consider before purchasing the right type of knife, then you must buy the best razor-sharp chef’s knife.

Moreover, the handle of this knife gives you a convenient feeling whenever you put it to your use. And you should also be aware that experts have used some high-quality materials to make sure it works well in your kitchen. Its handle nicely resists acid though you feel its softness in your hand. There is also a right balance between solidity and sharpness of the handle of this knife.


 3Cr13 stainless steel blade

 Durable and perfect balanced edges

 Smooth ergonomic handle

 Elegant Japanese inspired profile design


Χ Not dishwasher safe


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9.DALSTRONG Chef’s Knife- Best Value Chef Knife

DALSTRONG Chef’s Knife (Best Value Chef Knife)

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Key Features

⇒  You must be aware of the tremendous feature of VG-10 Japanese steel of this knife that provides sharpness at a fantastic 8-12° angle for each side.

⇒  This knife would go in your kitchen having an improved knuckle clearance with 55mm extra-wide blade.

⇒  This knife also possesses a tapered bolster to give you exact balance, while smoothly encouraging a usual pinch grip.

⇒  This knife resists rust perfectly and proves to be full tang to give an amazing performance.

Product Description

If you want outstanding craftsmanship, modern technology, eye-catching design and the long-lasting materials in the knife that should be used in your kitchen, then we would counsel you to purchase a DALASTRONG chef’s knife. You would not face any problem concerning its usage because it is highly efficient to cut and slice all types of vegetables and fruits.

It possesses nitrogen-cooled 8-12 degree edges that add to its qualities. You get superly reliable solidity when you purchase this knife that will remain on cutting board of your kitchen for a long time. Its ergonomic handle comes in a beautiful design while making sure easiness for you during its usage.

If you wish to do more things in a short time and that too while exerting less force by your hands, then it is something necessary for you to buy this knife. It would serve all these purposes to your satisfaction.


 Elegant design with light-weight

 7 layers of high carbon and chromium stainless-steel

 Ergonomic handle for a grip

  Lifetime warranty


Χ A bit expensive                            

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 1: What is the best chef knife under one hundred dollars?

Answer: Vivictoinox eight-inch chef’s knife is the best chef’s knife that you can purchase for under one hundred dollars.

Question No 2: Which knife size is perfect for the home kitchen?

Answer: Medium size knife is the ideal choice to be used in any home kitchen.

Question No 3: Why bolster bluff is important?

Answer: Bolster bluff is considered important because it works well to ensure your safety when you are using a knife in your kitchen.

Question No 4: Which tang is recommended?

Answer: Experts say that the full tang knife proves to be more efficient in your kitchen. So, they recommend it to you.

Question No 5: What should be done after every cutting step?

Answer: You must manage to clean, dry, and hone your knife after you use it at all times.

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