10 Best Quesadilla Maker Reviews in 2021 – Updated Buyer Guide


Are you a Mexican food lover? If yes, then the quesadilla maker is your favorite one. Making a perfect quesadilla is quite tricky, but your life must be easier if you have the best quesadilla maker. However, a good pizza maker in the market helps make the perfect quesadilla, but the typical quesadilla maker can perform the best job. 

Our cooking expert researched over the best 30 hours over the best quesadilla makers and find the best 10 for you. We wrote the review over the best quesadilla makers over the size, heating, capacity, and price of the product. We hope our reviews can be helpful for you to find the best product. 

List of the Best Quesadilla Maker in 2021

What is the best quesadilla maker to buy? Following is the list of the best quesadilla makers in 2021. This quick overview will help you to make a buying decision.

1.Best Overall: Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker

2.Best Ruuner Up Quesadilla Maker: Georage Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker Red GFQ001

3.Best Deep Dish Quesadilla Maker: Black and Decker Quesadilla Maker

4.Best Multipurpose Quesadilla Maker for Home: Nostalgia EQM200 6 Wedge Electric Quesadilla Maker

5.Best Value Quesadilla Maker: Elite Cuisine EQD 118 Maxi Matic Eleven Inches Non-Stick Quesadilla Maker

6.Best Energy Efficient Quesadilla Maker: Brentwood TS 120 Appliances Red

7.Best Non Stick Quesadilla Maker: Bella 13506 8 Inches Quesadilla Maker

8.Best Quesadilla Maker fo Locking Latch: Cooks Essentials Nonstick Pancake Quesadilla and Omelet Maker

9. Best Quesadilla Maker for Small Family: Laredo Chili’s Quesadilla Maker

10. Best Countertop Quesadilla Maker: Countertop 8 Inches Quesadilla Maker


Best Quesadilla Maker Reviews 2021

1. Best Overall: Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker


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Key Features                                                                                                                                  

⇒ Hot & ready to eat in about 5 minutes; makes 6 wedges

⇒ Nonstick surface wipes clean

⇒ Satisfy your appetite for restaurant-quality right at home

⇒ Locking lid for less mess & upright storage

Hamilton Beach quesadilla maker dimension is 10.6 x 9.7 x 5 inches along with 4.47 Pounds weight

⇒ Power & preheat lights

Product Description

If you have the ambition to prepare your quesadilla just in five minutes, then you must know that the Hamilton machine is just for you. It has the potential to get heated up so early because of possessing 900 watts of power. It has been made for 6 to 8 inches tortillas, but you have the option to pop in it 10 inches piece to get sealed and crusty edges with an almost one-inch hangover.

This 10 inch quesadilla maker can make a thin and crispy quesadilla with small strips of chicken or meat or cheese. This machine can work well as a fast solution to warm your bread or to reheat slices of your pizza.

This machine measures up to 5.5x 10.9 x 11.8 inches, and its weight is just 4.63 Ibs. Its design is beautiful, and you would get it with nooks that clean very well its segments tortillas into six wedges.

You would find a hinge on one end for opening and closing as well as a latch, which is used to lock the top and bottom in place. The latch stops messes by keeping the food inside your quesadilla. The hinge is unable to float, and it cannot be adjusted to accommodate different heights.

It is here that you should take care that you should not overstuff quesadilla, and it will stop the lid from getting locked. You must use safe space by locking the device and storing it at a time when it is not used.

This oven also possesses non-stick features making its cleaning very easy for you with a wet cloth. Its handling is so easy. Just put a tortilla in the center, add chicken cheese or vegetables and then put one more tortilla over it before you close and then open its lid. You would need just five minutes for its cooking.

You would find on top lid red and green lights that would let you know when your device is switched on, or it is in preheat mode. You would get a recipe booklet along with this quesadilla maker.


This quesadilla maker machine is very easy to use for you.

This machine possesses segments tortillas into wedges.


x This quesadilla maker machine is not fit for thick and overstuffed quesadillas.

x You would find a flimsy latch.

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2.Best Runner Up Quesadilla Maker: Georage Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker Red GFQ001

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Key Features

⇒ 106 Sq. In. grilling surface for family cooking

⇒ 5 Round dishwasher safe removable grill plates with cool-touch handles for an easy cleanup

⇒ Temperature control slide for perfect results every time

⇒ Temperature indicator light indicates plates are at selected grilling temperature

⇒ Adjustable tilt angle lets your choose between sloped or flat cooking surface

Product Description

The fact is that this quesadilla maker would produce better results than the microwave, and it would prove easier than the stovetop. You would find this machine very ideal for preparing thin and crispy quesadillas because thicker quesadilla would spill over and stop the hinge of the top lid from closing. It is here that you must add everything from cheese to thin strips of meat, steak, beans, and salsa to make sure a well-cooked meal for yourself.

Its GF can perform limited functions with jumbo tortillas, which are ten inches or more than ten inches and things less than this measurement will create just mess.

It produces sealed edges once it is in use with the locking lid and churns out juicy and pleasant-tasting quesadillas for you.

This quesadilla maker is measured 10x10x3 inches that takes very little space on your kitchen counter. Its weight is light, and it is easy for you to take it along on your road trips. Its six deep dish pockets are made in such a way that they can pack in maximum ingredients and flavor while producing clear lines that act as cutting guides at the time of serving.

Its cooking surface possesses three ridges that act as press and seal lines to lock in the fillings for tidy pockets of tasty goodness.

This machine gets so hot on its outer side, so you must use a potholder to avoid burns. And its non-stick surface is also non-removable, which can be cleaned with ease with a moist cloth. This machine has the same flaw as Hamilton. It possesses a flimsy latch once browned on one side only. It isn’t easy to release this latch when you seal it closed.

You would find cooking very much easy with this machine like the Hamilton. It requires just five minutes to get heat properly and another four to five minutes to prepare your quesadillas. This quesadilla maker machine possesses integrated cord wrap due to which it makes storage snap. You can stand it up in vertical posture so that it can easily fit into tight spaces.


This quesadilla maker machine possesses very lightweight, and you can make it your companion during your road journey so easy.

You can save space while purchasing this machine for you that can be stored in a vertical posture.

Quick warm-up and cooking time

Deep dish design


x This machine has a flimsy latch that is so problematic to release.

x You would not find this machine fit for tortillas less than ten inches.

x There would be no indicators coming with this machine.

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3.Best Deep Dish Quesadilla Maker: Black and Decker Quesadilla Maker

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Key Features

⇒ 8-inch nonstick plates

⇒ 6 deep-dish quesadilla pockets

⇒ Nonstick coating

⇒ Press and seal lines

⇒ Removable drip tray

Product Description

This quesadilla maker is very easy to manage in the kitchen; even your kids can use it without facing any difficulty. There are eight inches plates attached with this machine that means it is not able to fit thick, over-filled quesadillas without the problem of spilling.

You would find this quesadilla maker 14x5x11 inches, and it weighs 4.74 while having six quesadilla pockets, which produce marks for easy cutting when the tortilla is served. We would also like to tell you that in this machine, raised ridges on the surface act as innovative press and seal lines.

You should also bear this fact in your mind that it is necessary for you to clean the machine rightly after it is cooled down because leaving cheese or leftover ingredients inside it for a long time will peel off non-stick coating since there is not an outer ridge in this machine so grease and cheese can get underneath the plates. You must use a small hole lying at the bottom of this machine to stop grease and cheese from underneath plates.

It may be difficult for a latch to be closed, but your machine does cooking and browning of your quesadillas so well even without a lock. It is here that you experience just one problem with the design of this machine that is in the form of its stability.

Like other quesadilla maker machines, this machine also cooks your quesadillas while taking just five minutes. And it would help if you stood this machine in a vertical position to store it in an easy manner. The cord would retract for more saving just for your convenience.


You would find this machine very easy to use while getting heated up very early.

This machine does possess a removable grease tray.

√ Quick heat up

Easy to use



x This machine lacks something in terms of its stability.

x You can make just thin quesadillas with this machine in your possession.

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4.Best Multi-Purpose Quesadilla MAker: Nostalgia EQM200 6 Wedge Electric Quesadilla Maker

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Key Features

⇒ Unique plate design creates 6 sectional pieces that seal in the flavorful ingredients

⇒ Two-position latch allows for thin or thick stuffed quesadillas

⇒ 8-inch cooking surface cooks 6 wedges in just minutes

⇒ ON/OFF power light and ready light indicates when the unit is preheated

⇒ Non-stick cooking surface for easy cleanup

⇒ Removable drip tray

⇒ Stands upright for tidy storage

Product Description

This is a simple machine with which no-frills operation would ever churn out your pleasant tasting golden brown quesadillas that must be eight inches in length. This machine possesses an ideal plate design along with scoring guides with the purpose of dividing your quesadilla into six pieces in addition to sealing in your tasty ingredients while stopping leakage. It has a low-positioned latch that is fit for thin and thick quesadillas equally.

It will encompass minimum space in your kitchen due to being 11x10x4.5 while proving itself capable of standing upright to make sure tidy storage. It has lightweight, and it can get toppled over so easily if you apply much pressure on it. It gets heated up so early, and you need to hear the sizzle to come to know whether or not your quesadilla has been prepared.

There are indicator lights on the top lid of this quesadilla maker machine that makes the users known when the power is on, and the unit has been preheated.


This quesadilla maker machine comes in your hands with an ideal compact design that is eye-catching.

This machine possesses scoring guides to make things easier for you in your kitchen.

Upright storage

Two-position latch


x The performance of this machine is not consistent, due to which it may not attract your attention for a long time.

x This machine comes in your hands while having cheap and flimsy construction.

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5.Best Value Quesadilla Maker: Elite Cuisine EQD 118 Maxi Matic Eleven Inches Non-Stick Quesadilla Maker

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Key Features

⇒ 11 inches cooking surface

⇒ Product dimension is 12.5 x 4.5 x 12 inches along with 5 pounds weight

⇒ Easy cleanup

⇒ Compact storage

⇒ Indicator lights

⇒ Locking latch

Product Description

This is an ideal quesadilla maker machine that makes thin and thick both kinds of quesadilla just to come up to your expectations. You can use this machine more comfortably, with tortillas measuring up to 10 to 11 inches or more. You can also place in this machine a smaller tortilla, but you must take care that it should be put in the center so that you do not have to face spilling issues.

This maker cuts your quesadilla into 6 equally sized wedges for easy serving, and you would find that the top lid is used to seal the edges to stop spilling your quesadilla. This is 13.6×13.4×6.3 inches, and it weighs 5.5Ibs, this unit is a bit heavy, but you can store it in a vertical posture with an eye to save space.

We would also like to tell you that this machine has design faults, and you would not find built-in drainage on the cooking plates for the grease to run off. Another problem is the gap between the bottom cooking plate and the outer ring that handles melted grease and cheese. You would not find any way to clean the gunk when it gets in.

This 11 inch quesadilla maker gets heated up so early, and you need to have just four to five minutes to cook your quesadillas. Its base would not be too hot, and you can place it on veneered tables without showing concerns about damage from heat.

You would find that power and ready indicator lights automatically get brightened to show the status of the device to the users. A power switch does not come with this machine, and the device would work by plugging or unplugging directly into a power source.


This quesadilla maker machine offers you fast and equal cooking in addition to being capable of making large quesadillas for you.

The heat distribution done by this machine is excellent.


x The first disadvantage that this machine has is that it possesses a gap between the outer ring and cooking plate that is really difficult to clean.

x The second disadvantage of this machine is that it has a flimsy latch.

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6.Best Energy Efficient Quesadilla Maker: Brentwood TS 120 Appliances Red

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Key Features

⇒ The Brentwood Quesadilla Maker produces an 8-inch quesadilla

⇒ Smartly designed plates create 6 sectional pieces

⇒ Powerful 900 watt quesadilla maker produces quesadillas in minutes

⇒ Non-stick plates simply wipe down clean

⇒ Includes removable drip tray for less mess

Product Description

You would realize that this machine is a good choice for preparing your quesadillas and reheating slices of your pizzas. Apart from doing that, this machine is also useful for warming your bread. Its bigger diameter hot plate works well with tortillas that can be eight inches or more than eight inches in measurement.

The design of this machine is round and compact, measuring 4.5×10.5×9.5 inches while getting weighed 4Ibs. It stands upright so that you can store it with ease. The color of this machine is red that looks so good in your kitchen while pairing well with another décor. This machine possesses six pockets meant to be used for easy cutting, but this machine is deficient in having ridges to seal the edges of your quesadillas. You can clean its non-coating surface like other machines with a wet cloth.

It would heat up so hastily while making your quesadillas within minutes. And you would also get helpful indicator lights on the lid’s surface to manifest power on or ready status.


This machine possesses built-in temperature controls in addition to a large hot plate meant to work well for your quesadillas.

Its capability for upright storage is very helpful for you.


x The small outer ring coming with this machine is somewhat difficult to be cleaned.

x It is messy and does not have the ability to seal in a proper manner.

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7.Best Non Stck Quesadilla Maker: Bella 13506 8 Inches Quesadilla Maker

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This quesadilla maker machine can be used by children easily as grown-up people can use it safely. Its compact size has been made to fit eight inches tortillas that appear fully fit for snack-sized dividends. It would help if you managed to put cheese, peppers, and pepperoni between two pieces of flatbread to enjoy a pleasant tasting meal, and this can fit bigger pieces to get a crispy crust and slight overhang. You would find that low moisture cheeses work well to minimize liquid from dripping out the sides of your quesadillas.

This machine measures 11×6.2×13 inches, and you can stand it up vertically for easy storage. Its design has scoring guides to produce lines for its easy cutting. Despite its compact size, you would find this quesadilla maker machine a bit heavy at 4.3 Ibs that possesses solid construction. You would note that in thicker and bigger quesadillas, the latch would not lock, and its lid is pressed slowly and held down for contact. Its latch is made with cheap material having a great chance of breaking. You can clean its non-stick top and bottom plates with a wet cloth.

Like other machines, this machine also gets heated up so early, and you would get your quesadillas fully prepared just in minutes.

Bella 8″ quesadilla maker also possesses useful indicator lights, due to which you are capable of seeing the status of the device with a booklet containing recipes for you to use.


This quesadilla maker has a built-in drip reservoir while possessing solid construction.

Quick heating and cooking system of this machine makes things easier for you in your kitchen.


x The only disadvantage of this machine is that it has a cheap latch.

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8.Best Quesadilla MAker for Long Latch: Cooks Essentials Nonstick Pancake Quesadilla and Omelet Maker

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Though it is true that this machine works like a pancake maker, you have the option to double it as a quesadilla and omelet maker because it offers you the facility to prepare your complete breakfast.

You would notice four-round slots on the bottom girdle, and each girdle measures 4 inches. You can fill it with pancake mix, and it can also be used to make an individual quesadilla, albeit bite-sized ones. This is a handy tool in your kitchen that works well according to your high expectations.

This quesadilla maker possesses a rectangular shell measuring 13×11.2×4.5 inches. It is a bit bulky and heavy, being 5Ibs. It has a good-looking black and platinum silver finish that gives it a modern appeal. But this machine is lacking in raised ridges for easy cutting of quesadillas. This machine does not seal abilities.

This machine’s cooking surface is non-stick like other quesadilla maker machines, and you need just a wet cloth to clean it well. Moreover, you should fasten the latch and stand it up vertically to save space in your kitchen.

This device gets heated up equally and quickly. You can switch it on by plugging it into a socket, and then you need just five minutes to observe it being hot. There are power and ready indicator lights just to let you know once your quesadilla or other food is ready. And all this is possible just in a couple of minutes.

You would notice an easy handle to grip it well that will surely allow you open and close its lid with much ease.


This machine is quite versatile, and you would get benefit from it in more than one way.

Its wattage is so powerful, and it possesses such a good-looking design.


x This machine has not been designed for quesadillas.

x No sealing comes with this machine, and it causes a mess.

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9.Best Quesadilla Maker for Small Family: Laredo Chili’s Quesadilla Maker

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This quesadilla maker has been made to work well with tortillas eight inches and more than eight inches. This machine also works well with ten inches shell that sticks out slightly over the edge of an appliance for big quesadillas.

You would note that this is a quite eligible machine to work with even little filling, and you must know the fact that thicker things put into it cause ingredients to be pushed out at a time when you close the lid of this machine. This machine would come in your hands in red color and festive appearance due to which it becomes a memorable thing for all parties at your home.

This machine possesses a small protruding handle due to which you can easily open and close its lid. Its deep dish cooking plate is noticeable with six nooks to produce grooves on the quesadillas for easy cutting. And you would find that the outer edge of this quesadilla maker machine possesses press and steal lines to lock in fillings from the side and back.

The lid does not close on its own, and the latch pushes into protrusion in the bottom to compress your quesadillas. The top and bottom of the cooking plates are made with non-stick material, which you can clean with a wet cloth. Its surface easily gets peeled off, so you must take care. You can have a non-metal spatula at a time when you remove quesadillas.

This quesadilla maker machine is compact at 10.5x5x11.5, and you cannot prop it up vertically, and you would find it heavier than most machines at 4.15Ibs. You would find a gap between the cooking plate and outer ring used to trap mess that is gathered between the hot plate and bottom lid.

Cooking time with this quesadilla maker is different between three to five minutes. This machine has good temperature control, and tortilla shells are brown on the bottom and top of this quesadilla maker.

Like most other machines, this machine is also having LED power on and ready lights.


You would find a drip catcher along with this quesadilla maker machine.

It gives you fast and even cooking of your quesadillas.


x This machine has a very low-quality latch.

When you put this machine to use; you find that the mess is trapped in a gap.

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10.Best COuntertop Quesadilla Maker: Countertop 8 Inches Quesadilla Maker

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This quesadilla maker is a perfect machine for students who have taken abode in dorms, busy working adults, and all such ladies who want to whip up a quick meal for their kids. You can prepare quesadillas measuring eight inches with this device very well.

Its glittering red color makes things for you so easy while giving a festive look to its overall beauty. It has six deep dish pockets inside it with perfect guidelines to produce nice lines for its easy cutting, and its top has ridges to seal the fillings in from the sides and back to prevent all mess.

This quesadilla maker machine weighs just 3.8Ibs, and you would observe that it is small enough to keep on the countertop while standing upright for storage at 11x5x11.5. The locking clip on the front holding the top lid down is very solid, and you can clean its non-stick surface with a wet cloth. Its design has a shallow outer ring to handle drips and cheese that is melted down. You would find that there is a small gap between the ring and edge of the machine that is used to trap grease with no way to remove it.

When you would plug it into a power source, it turns on and gets heated up so early. You pop the tortilla shells and filling in, press and lock, and it is ready to eat quesadillas that are browned and equally cooked within minutes.

You would notice two indicator lights on the top lid. One is used to indicate power, and the other to manifest ready status.


This quesadilla maker machine is something which you can store easily in your kitchen.

This machine possesses a ring that is used to handle drips.


x The only disadvantage of this machine is that there is a gap between the outer ring and edge of the machine traps grease.

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Buying Guide of Quesadilla Maker: Things That You Must Check before Purchasing a Quesadilla Maker


First thing that you must check on a priority basis is the size of the quesadilla machine. Many machines can fit in with tortilla shells that are eight inches, but there are shells that are six inches too. Smaller machines are ideal for making bite-sized snacks. Therefore, you must check the size of the quesadilla maker before you buy it.

Removable Plates

Most of the machines possess a latch for locking the top lid into place while being unable to work with overstuffed quesadillas without pressing their ingredients. It is for this reason that you can use them to make a thin and crispy quesadilla. Some machines have special designs with deeper dish features, which is preferable for such customers who like to prepare meatier and thicker quesadillas.


If your quesadilla gets heated up so easily and so early, just in a couple of minutes, then you should feel that you have brought home a good and desirable quesadilla maker machine.

Capaity & Usage

You should also know that oozing and grease are two features that are also important for your quesadilla maker machine. Your machine must possess an outer ring to stop ingredients from spilling out of it. You must manage to get a quesadilla maker machine that proves the durable and long-lasting companion of your kitchen. It must be able to resist everyday use.

Benefits of Best Quesadilla Maker Machines

These are the most common benefits that a quesadilla maker machine usually carries.

Affordable Price

Most quesadilla maker machines are sold at an affordable price. If you are desirous of Mexican food, getting a pizza maker machine to prepare your quesadilla would prove money-saving for you.


These quesadilla maker machines usually come in compact sizes due to which you would find them so easy to store. Their weight is so light, and you can enjoy the facility of taking them on any of your trips.


Quesadilla maker machines would offer you much convenience in terms of time and struggle because they usually possess non-stick surfaces, which you can clean with much ease while using a paper towel or a wet cloth.


What is the best quesadilla maker with removable plates in 2021?

George Foeman Electric Quesadilla Maker is the best quesadlla aker with removeable plates.. you can use it for maing panakes, pizza and quesadilla. Moreover, the plates are dishwasher safe. 

How to clean the quesadilla maker the right way?

Cleaning the quesadilla maker is very easy. Whenever you are done with your cooking, you can clean it with a wet cloth. In addition, you can remove the plates of the quesadilla kaer and wash them from the dish soap. 



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