Best Non stick Pan without Teflon to Buy in 2021 – Updated Guide and Reviews


Non-stick pans and pots are essential cookware in every kitchen and one of the daily use kitchen utensils. Teflon coating pans or cookware are very dangerous for our health. So it is necessary to use the best non-stick pan without Teflon coating.

Non-stick cookware is easy t use as they are easy to clean. They are dishwasher safe, so they reduce the handwashing time of utensils. These features make them worth buying utensils. Non-stick pans are available in different vibrant colors so, they can also change your mood while cooking.

There are hundreds of brands in the market, which are manufacturing non-stick cookware. However, it is challenging to choose a quality product in the market. So don’t worry! We have reviewed the best non-stick pan without Teflon so you can enjoy healthy cooking.


What is Teflon?

Teflon is a material that is manufactured from the chemical PFOA. It is a cancer-producing agent. It is coated on the surface of many cookwares. The primary function of Teflon on cookware is as it repels the water, reduces friction, and does effortless cooking.

Teflon coated surface speed heat evenly to all food, and it is easy to wash. This is the reason that non-stick pans are very popular among people. But on the other hand, Teflon produces a toxin.

Why Teflon is Harmful?

Non-stick pots and pans bring revolution in the cookware. It became trendy among the people. But Teflon coating might step you back from buying non-stick pans. It is safe to use at an average temperature. But when the temperature raises This chemical break down and releases harmful chemicals into the air. These chemicals release so many diseases, such as breathing problems, chest congestion.

Whenever you cook food in the Teflon coated pan chemicals also absorbed in your food. It produces cancer, breathing problems, kidney failure, and infertility in people. These diseases also transferred into the next generation, such as disorders in new on babies.

People like non-stick cookware but the side effects of Teflon they want to use non-stick cookware without Teflon. In the following, we research and find out the best non-stick cookware without Teflon for better, healthier, and safe cooking.

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List of the Best Non-Stick Pan Without Teflon to Buy in 2021

AluminumCeramicCheck Price
Stainless SteelCeramicCheck Price
Cast IronCast IronCheck Price
AluminumReal diamond crystalsCheck Price
AluminumCeramicCheck Price

Buying Guide to Choose Best Non-Stick Pan Without Teflon

There are many non-stick pans in the market. It isn’t easy to choose the best quality product among the hundreds of brands. We created a buying guide for you on how to select the best non-stick pan without Teflon. It will help you to make a buying decision for the non-stick pan. Before choosing a non-stick pan, you should consider the following features in non-stick cookware.

1- Design

There are so many designs of non-stick pans in the market. Cookware designs have great importance. So, if you want to use non-stick pans daily, choose a practical and simple design. Simple designs make effortless cooking as compared to fancy and delicate designs. Fancy and light designs are for those who cook occasionally. 

2- Size

Always choose the size of the pan according to your need. They are available in different sizes. The standard pan sizes are 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches. If you are a bigger family, then use a big pan. It all depends on your need and daily base usage.

3- Material

If you are looking for Teflon free non-stick, then choose Aluminium, steel or cast iron. Aluminium pans are considered best because they are lightweight. They also have a ceramic coating on their surface. It is a healthy choice. Iron pans are comparatively heavy. But cast iron pans are long-lasting. A stainless steel pan is also a good option for healthy cooking. 

4- Weight

If you want to cook in a heavy pan, the cast iron option is best for you. on the other hand, Aluminium and Stainless steel pans are lightweight. 

Best Non-Stick Pan Without Teflon

Following is the detailed analysis of the best non-stick pan without Teflon.

No1. Ozeri ZP1-3P Green Earth Pan Set, 3 Piece

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

Product dimension: 20 x 12 x 5 inches

Material: Aluminum

Ceramic non-stick coating from Germany that is 100% free of PTFE, Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs), APEO, GenX, NMP and NEP

Honeycomb surface texture enhance heat distribution

scratch-resistant dual ceramic coating

Easy to clean

Comfortable heat-resistant silicon coated handle

induction stove safe

Product Description

Ozeri ZP1-3P Green Earth Pan Set is manufactured from Aluminum. It has a ceramic coating and 100% PTEF, PFOA, and Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs) free. It is set of 3 pieces 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches non-stick pans. So you can choose any size while cooking. It is manufactured from Aluminium that’s why it is a lightweight non-stick pan set

The honeycomb texture surface of the pans enhances the beauty pf frying pans and increases the heat distribution to your food. It also prevents food bonding while cooking. Ozeri green pan set has a dual ceramic coating which scratch-resistant so it is easy to clean. 

Each pan has comfortable silicone handles. These handles are heat resistant and have a good grip. Ozeri green three-piece sets ae induction stove safe. It has a magnetic base which quickly transfers the heat from induction cookstove to the pan—a coating made by Weilburger GmbH, Germany. Pan assembled in China. Satisfaction guaranteed.



Scratch resistant and non-stick

Light weighted and silicon heat resistant handles

PFAO,PTFE,MNP and other harmful chemicals free

Rapid heat transfer induction

Heavy cast aluminium construction


x Recommended greasing for increase non-stick quality

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No 2. Kyocera Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pan Set

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

3 pieces non stick frying pan set 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches

Ceramic non-stick coating which is PTFE-free, PFOA-free, and CADMIUM-free

Manufactured from stainless steel

Compatible with gas, electric, glass, ceramic, and induction stovetops

Quick and even heat distribution

Product Description

Kyocera’s ceramic non-stick frying pans are manufactured from stainless steel along with the interior non-stick ceramic coating. It includes three pieces of frying pans which are 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. So you can cook the food according to your family member. 

These frying pans are entirely Teflon free. Interior ceramic non-stick coating is PTFE-free, PFOA-free, and CADMIUM-free. It has long stainless steel handles that are compatible with the heavy body of the pans. You can also hang them near your stove. 

Its super non-stick thermal coating has good thermal conductivity. So you can quickly cook your food at low, medium, and high flame. Its surface also allows even heat distribution to your food. 

Kyocera’s non-stick pans are suitable for gas, electric, glass, ceramic, and induction stovetops. Its flat bottom allows it to be suitable for any stove. Kyocera pans are easy to clean and dishwasher safe so, you can say these are the best dishwasher safe Teflon stick Teflon free pans. 


Cadmium and PFAO free

Easy to use and clean

Affordable price

Even Heat distribution


x Need proper take care, otherwise the coating damage


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No 3. Lodge 12″ Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Assist Handle Holder

Check Price On Amazobn

Key Features

12 Inch Cast Iron Skillet with Handle Holder

Assisted silicone handle for better control

Teflon free


Suitable for  oven, on the stove, on the grill, or over a campfire

Best for induction cooktop

Dishwasher safe

Made in USA

Product Description

Lodge 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillet is an American-made cast iron cookware. It has assisted silicone handle, which is very helpful to lift the pan after heating. Handle also provide an excellent grip to the pan. Silicone handle holder protects hands from heat up to 500° F. Interior of the Lodge 12 inches Cast Iron Skillet is 100% Teflon free so, you can enjoy healthy cooking in it.

You need to pre-seasoned it with vegetable oil to enhances its non-stick quality. A good greasing before cooking provides you with the best non-stick results. The interior of the Lodge 12 inches cast iron pan provides equal heat distribution to the food. You can use it in the oven, on the stove, on the grill, or over a campfire.

Lodge 12 inches cast iron pan is the best for induction cooktop. It is very easy to clean and dishwasher safe


No chemicals are used for pre-seasoning

Long lasting and affordable

Heavy quality cast-iron construction

Suitable for oven and stove

Available in different size and shapes


x Need pre-seasoning for long lasting use and hand wash only



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No 4. Swiss Diamond Nonstick Fry Pan – 12.5″


Check Price On Amazon


Key Features

12.5 inches Aluminium non-stick pan

Patented nonstick coating reinforced with real diamond crystals

POFA free

Oven-safe up to 500 degrees F

Comfortable cool ergonomic handle

Made in Switzerland

Product Description

Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Frying Pan is Manufactured from Aluminium, so it’s a lightweight non-stick pan. This pan’s interior is patented non-stick coating reinforced with real diamond crystals with is 100% Teflon free. Swiss Diamond non-stick pan’s size is 12,5 inches so that you can cook for a medium family. 

It has a comfortable ergonomic handle, which makes a firm grip and remains cool while cooking. Swiss Diamond non-stick pan is completely oven-safe up to 500 degrees F. It allows the cooking with little or no grease on the pan’s surface. The cast Aluminum core allows the even heat distribution to the pan.

Swiss Diamond Non-Stick frying pan is dishwasher safe, but it is recommended to hand wash. This best quality non-stick pan is made in Switzerland


Perfect even heat distribution

Oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit

100% Teflon free

light weighted


x Non-stick surface start to wear on over heating


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No 5. GreenLife Soft Grip Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Frying Pan, 12 Inches

Check Price On Amazon



Key Features

Non-stick frying pan size is 12 inches

Manufactured from Aluminium

100% free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium

Effortless cooking and quick cleanup

Bakelite handles

Even heat distribution

Oven safe to 350°F

Dishwasher safe

Suitable for all type of stoves except induction cooktop

Product Description

Green Life Soft Grip Healthy Non-stick frying pan is manufactured from lightweight Aluminium. Due to the Aluminium core, it has even heat distribution to the food. When you cook the food, equal heat is distributed to all food, enhancing the taste of your food. The size of this frying pan is 12 inches, which is suitable for a medium family.

Green Life pan is 100% chemical-free. It has a ceramic coating that is free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium so that you can enjoy a healthy meal. It has a long soft Bakelite handle, which remains cool while cooking. It also has a firm grip. The handle of the Green Life non-stick frying pan provides you maximum comfort. 

This non-stick frying pan is available in vibrant colors, which increases your happy mood while cooking. Green Life pan is suitable for all types of stoves, but it is not eligible for an induction cooktop. It is entirely dishwasher safe. It is also oven safe to 350°F.


Dishwasher safe

Bakelite soft grip handles for safe cooking avoid from burning

Even heat distribution

light weighted pan for easily cooking egg

Available in 7 beautiful colours


x Not heat compatible and avoid from using spray oils


Buy Now


Frequently Ask Questions

Q: What is the Best Non-Stick Pan Without Teflon?

Answer: Following is a list of the best non-stick pan without Teflon.


Q: Do all non stick pans use teflon?

Answer: Teflon is a dangerous chemical for health. So all non-stick pans don’t use Teflon. Many Teflon free Non-stick pans such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, and Ceramic non-stick pans.

Q: What is PFOA free non-stick?

Answer: PTEF and PFOA are the two words that you will find while searching for non-stick cookware. PFOA free non-stick means there is no chemical used in the non-stick coating of the pan. PFOA pans are healthy and environment-friendly. 

Q: Is ceramic Better than Teflon?

Answer: Yes, ceramic cookwares are 100% better than Teflon because the most important thing is that they are chemical-free. So ceramic cookware is healthy. Ceramic cookware is also available in different colors, so you can enjoy cooking along with vibrant color cookwares.



Now you are confident while choosing the best non-stick pan without Teflon. There are hundreds of brands in the market that provide non-stick pans, but the products mentioned above and buying guide help you choose the perfect healthy cookware. Chemical cookware is not affected instantly o your health, but they are harmful in the long term. So it is better to invest in excellent quality products. 

The products mentioned above are analyzed according to their weight, size, material. They are all the best quality and long-lasting products. They all are durable and chemical-free. So they don’t produce adverse effects on your health and environment. We wish you a healthy lifestyle along with healthy cooking. Happy Shopping!

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