How to Use a Pressure Cooker? Step by Strep Guide

How to Use a Pressure Cooker? Step by Strep Guide

If you want to know How to use a pressure cooker, this simple guide is for you. What thing in your mind when you were thinking about cooking with a pressure cooker? Mom’s exploding chickens and grandmother blowing food. Today’s pressure cooker is modern, quiet, safe, and easy to use.

Essential on How to Use a Pressure Cooker?

What is a Pressure Cooker?

A pressure cooker is a tightly sealed cooking pot that cooks the food under pressure quickly.

It was coming around 300 years ago, but it became most popular in the 2nd world war.

But what happened? Because many people don’t know how to use a pressure cooker.

Many business factories manufacturing cookers fulfill the soaring demand. But exploding incidents over and again until homemakers has scared to use them.

Moreover, starting to come back with a new generation of the cooker is safer and easy to use.

How does a Pressure Cooker Work?

Before using the pressure cookers, remember that to look at how does a pressure cooker work.

Pressure cooking is using steam pressure in a tightly sealed pot to cook food.

How does the steam pressure build up in the pot?

So when you heat the pot, the sealed pot heats up, burns the liquid, and turns into steam. When this steam is trapped tight in a sealed jar, they begin to build.

How does the steam pressure cooks the food?

The steam pressure is cooking the food by transferring the heat energy from steam pressure and water.

Why does pressure cooking cooks faster than most other methods?    

Increases the liquid’s boiling point:  

At the standard temperature, the liquids boil and turn into steam. The liquid stays at the same temperature, so no matter how much time, it continues to boil. So when you increase the temperature, the boiling point adding high pressure. The food cooks faster.

Forces the extra hot liquid into the food : 

Imagine that putting your hand in boiling water compare to putting your hand in the oven. The steam is one that immediately heats up because smoke is fast heat transfer. So with the pressure cooking, there is an extra force pushing extra high and tight heat energy to cook food.

How to Cook with a Pressure Cooker? 

Pressure cooking is a new modern way of cooking food without any worry. So 1st you will use it then you are easy to use them.

Cooking with a pressure cooker in 6 easy steps:

Add food and liquid to the pot.

Close the lid carefully and ensure the valve at the correct position

Then select the pressure setting:

Electric pressure cookers: cooking timer display on the screen

Stovetop cookers: turn on low heat and start cooking with cook timer to release pressure

The one disadvantage of the cooker is that you cannot inspect the taste of food.

It is essential to follow the cooking recipe with accurate timing; in this way, you learn how to use the pressure cooker.

What Can You Cook in a Pressure Cooker?

You can quickly cook most types of food in a pressure cooker. A few discuss in this article:



Tough cuts of meat – including beef, pork





Mashed potatoes

Chicken including whole chicken

Homemade stocks and many more

What cooking methods can you use with a pressure cooker?

You can use a pressure cooker to brown, boil, steam, poach, steam roast, braise, stew, or roast food.

So nowadays, you can even bake in a cooker, and many people also use an electric pressure cooker like Instant Pro Pressure Cooker to make cheesecakes and homemade yogurt.




10 Best Non Chemical Homemade Cleaning Products that Actually Works According to Our Chemical Experts

10 Best Non Chemical Homemade Cleaning Products that Actually Works According to Our Chemical Experts

Today we discuss what we do the most important things we need to cleaning something at home? Let us go to some non-chemical homemade cleaning products that are commonly use in our homes. So as a result of our research we find that some cleaning chemicals are pretty and more dangerous for our health.

Most people have no idea they used it when they expired, so they become so highly harmful.

What shall we do?

Fortunately, we find the best cleaning agents for our home is much safer, and we can prepare it at a low cost. So we discuss the top 10 homemade remedies everyone prepared themselves.

No1. Baking soda

I think you already know that baking soda is a perfect cleaning agent. We can efficiently clean the hard stains and scars on tiles and tubs and whiten up the laundries.

No 2. Mustard powder

Mainly mustard oil is used for cooking and also used for dishwashing the chemicals. It is a very safe cleaning agent and gently scrubs and cleans up. So they mixed with baking soda it has excellent performance to removes grease burnt.

No 3. Essential oils

It is not perfect deodorizers, but these all the oils are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic. As lemon, tea tree and peppermints oil are the best cleaning agents. Lemon oil is used chiefly to removes hard stains and stickiness for both garment and floors purposes.

Tea tree oil is good for mould and mildew, and peppermints oil is best for kills germ on the counter or kitchen.

No 4. Distilled white vinegar

It is a perfect versatile thing that removes stains, scars, grease, kills moulds, sanitizerssanitizers or cleaning surfaces, glass transparency and shine etc.

For this cleaning agent’s preparation, add acetum to the pulverizer with water and several drops of any essential oil to make a fantastic pleasant scent.

For removing the musty smell from clothes, add two tablespoons of acetum.

No 5. Hydrogen peroxide

It is commonly made of oxygen mixed with water, making this liquid harmful but remembers that it does not mix with vinegar because they make too much bad reaction.

It is best for cleaning fridges inside, disinfecting counters, or cleaning drains; grab a bottle of peroxide.

No 6. Salt

It is a genuinely perfect cleaning agent. We can easily clean bath, kitchen, toilets, and even for fighting with spots with simple table salt or sea salt.

If you want to clean up the fridge inside enough to pulverize them with the salt diluted in sparkling water.

No 7. Fresh lemon juice

The citrus is mainly used for cleaning the grease, dirt and soapy traces. It prevents mold from appearing and works as a disinfectant and deodorizer.

No 8. Corn starch

A good substitute for chemicals and also used for cleaning glass.

No 9. Olive oil

It is used to polish your wooden furniture. A couple of drops is used to clean clothes, table; chairs will be shiny look again. Great work on leather furniture and items.

No 10. Vitamin C fizzy tablets

It is used for cleaning dirty tubs. This very cheap price product is used for cleaning carpets, laundry, stains etc.

Read More: What is the best cleaning agent to clean burnt-on grease


How to Clean a Manual Meat Grinder – 6 Amazing Steps to Clean Useful Tips and Tricks

How to Clean a Manual Meat Grinder – 6 Amazing Steps to Clean Useful Tips and Tricks

If you want to great neat texture and delicious taste of meat, then a manual meat grinder is best for you. Suppose you have your meat grinder so you can easily cut the meat and ensure safety as well. You must know the knowledge of using manual meat grinder and basics cleaning tips.

Let me discuss using and cleaning tips that help to know about manual meat grinder for home uses.

Uses for the Meat Grinder

So if you are asking yourself, why should you grind your meat? In the following steps, you will find the answer.

The first thing is that you can ensure the safety of the meat grinder. Then prepackaged the ground meat of various animal parts. You can provide about the meat of animals. But if you can quickly grind the meat at home so why you get risk. The rate of contamination is zero.

The second step is that you can confirm the better flavour of the meat. If you buy the meat from the supermarket, it contains a total fat content of meat. With the manual meat grinder, you can control the cuts of meat, and it will provide tastier patties, sausage or other things to make.

The third step is that you can ensure the moisture and texture of meat if you are using a manual grinder.

How to Use a Hand Crank Meat Grinder?

We discuss how to use a hand meat grinder step by step:

Step 1:

First meat or meat grinder cold because fat is a leak out from warm beef. On the other hand, you can put the meat in an ice bowl to chill.

Step 2:

Smearing chewed up the meat, so trimming is better to prevent it. You can trim the meat well.

Step 3:

In this step, put the meat in the grinder, and it will come out like trim pieces, and it can identify the fat and meat. If the wet and mass come out from the meat, then fix the grinder to reverse function. Otherwise, you clean the blade and start grinding again.

Step 4:

Remember that the blade must be sharp because the dull blade can smear the meat. You can also purchase an extra blade for your safety.

Step 5:

At last, wash the plate with hot soapy water and dry with a dry towel or cloth.

Step 6:

If you want to need more delicate meat so you can grind it many times.

How to Clean Manual Meat Grinders?

  1. Meat contains fat, so there will be grease or oil through your grinder. Remember not to dry this on the grinder and wash the grinder immediately after every use.
  2. Before disassembling the meat grinder, you should feed two or more slice of bread with meat because the bread slices absorb the oil and grease of the meat.  
  3. Disassemble all the parts of the grinder.
  4. Take a hot water bucket and put some detergent in them, and all the disassembled parts of the grinder keep them for an hour so that the oil and grease will loosen up.
  5. Clean all the parts and blade; be careful because the blade is so sharp it can cause so harm.
  6. Then wipe all the part with a dry cloth or towel and keep hold it on the rack. Let them air dry them or prevent rusting or oxidation.
  7. You can use mineral spray on metal parts of the grinder to prevent rust.
  8. Please keep all the parts in their plastic bag.
  9. Remember to keep the grinder in the freezer for effective performance.

Troubleshooting Of Meat Grinder

You may face some problem when using a meat grinder. A few issues discussed with solutions:

  1. Sometimes the head of the meat grinder is unable to grind meat evenly. So you make ensure that you attached the head tightly.
  2. Due to the continuous use of a meat grinder, the blade and the grinder’s teeth need sharpness. So it is possible to make it sharp than buy a new one.  
  3. The major problem of meat grinder is friction. You can resolve this by grinding the frozen meat.


The manual meat grinder is best and ideal for you home; you can easily use and clean it. It makes your cooking much easier in grinding meat. If you have a meat grinder in your home, then you do not need to go out and look to prepackaged ground meat,

So everything is under you control of how much amount of ground meat you want to grind. You can also make sure of the health and diet of your family members. I hope this article is helpful for you on how to use or clean a manual meat grinder.




How to Vent a Kitchen Sink That is Under a Window

How to Vent a Kitchen Sink That is Under a Window

No anyone who doesn’t love the kitchen sink with a window? So many do not know how to vent a kitchen sink under a window. Because the wiring and plumbing process is complicated.

Without vents, negative pressure will empty the pressure in the pipes. In this way, harmful gases enter your home. Usually, winds rise from each fixture to join a central vent stack that extends through the roof.

How to Install a Vent Pipe for the Kitchen?​

Proper sink ventilation is essential for your kitchen. Without adequate ventilation, the kitchen sink faces slow drainage and a water lock in the drain pipe.

Proper sink ventilation makes sure the appropriate drainage and disposal of waste in the main sewage pipe.

Finally, this step-by-step process is guaranteed to teach us how to vent a kitchen sink under a window. Follow this step.

Step 1: Connect the Sink and Waste Drain Pipe

The first thing is that you connect the horizontal sink drain pipe to the 2-inch drain pipe from the toilet, then add a two by 2 – 1.5 inch PVC sanitary t- fitting.

This fitting has three openings. The first 2-inch side opening is attached to the sink pipe and faces downwards with the other 2-inch space.

When installing PVC pipe, use the PVC primer and PVC adhesive for fitting.

Step 2: Select the Vent Pipe Configuration

So decide the vent pipe configuration. The vent pipe must be upward a short distance from the top of the sanitary t-fitting.

Step 3: Attach Pipe to the Opening

In step 3, cut the pipe in a small vertical piece ½ inch PVC pipe then attach to the opening at sanitary t-fitting with the help of PVC primer and PVC adhesive for fitting.

Its length depends on the horizontal pipe’s width and slope.

Step 4: Draw a Chalk Line

So draw a chalk line to the wall studs’ sides to reflect the length and slope of the horizontal vent drain. The horizontal pipe will automatically slope upwards at 1/4-inch.

Step 5: Drill a one 3/4-inch hole

So drill one 3/4-inch hole. Use a chalk line to drill a hole in the middle of each wall stud to run the horizontal vent pipe as a rough guide.

Step 6: Add a second Elbow Fitting

So push the horizontal pipe and pass through the holes and attach it to the elbow fitting. Then add the 2nd elbow to the end of the tube with the gap facing upward.

Step 7: Install a Straight-up Vertical PVC Vent Pipe

To install a straight-up vertical PVC vent pipe, you will need to drill through the ceiling plate until you get the tube in.

Step 8: Attach Another PVC Elbow

If you add another PVC elbow to the top of the vent pipe in the attic, you can efficiently run the line horizontally with proper slope to reach the central vent-and-soil stack of the building.

Step 9: Connect Vent Pipe to the Stack

We are using a PVC t-fitting to connect the vent pipe to the stack.

Why Is the Kitchen Sink Usually Placed Under a Window?

In most home kitchen sink are placed under a window. So there is no general rule that a sink must be placed under a window. So a few reasons we discuss why people have sunk there.

  1. Efficient use of cabinet space: if you already have a window in their kitchen, so the sink is always best for you. Because generally, the sink area is logical as cabinets interfere with using a sink in a kitchen.
  2. The View: If you want to prefer the standing washing or rinsing dishes method, so you have the best opportunity to connect with the exterior space.
  3. Interior Aesthetics: The kitchen sink is one of the essential areas of work in the kitchen room. And window dress up this area looks beautiful and physically relax.
  4. Natural Light: Natural light is vital for your health, so natural light is the main priority of a kitchen. Morning breakfast is always imagined sitting on the table, and the sunlight is coming through the window.
  5. Breeze / Wind: Mother nature and outdoor is a great bonding. So the pleasant smell that comes out from the flower is necessary for a kitchen.


So finally, your kitchen is incomplete without the proper sink and proper venting in pipelines. It keeps your kitchen safe from dirt, messes and protects your health from dangerous chemical gases. I hope this article is helpful for you.


10 Best Degreasers for Kitchen – Save and Non Toxic Powerful Kitchen Cleaners

10 Best Degreasers for Kitchen – Save and Non Toxic Powerful Kitchen Cleaners

Kitchen cleaning is quite irritating if you don’t have the best degreasers for the kitchen because it is our daily work area. Cooking on everyday basics produced greasy surfaces, walls, and cabinets. Moreover, it can make stains on the kitchen wall; for this purpose, kitchen cleaning will be easy if you have the best kitchen degreasers. There are many degreasers available in the market, but we listed down no toxic, safe, and trusted cleaning products for your kitchen.

It is quite difficult to remove the stains from kitchen walls and cabinets. you can not remove it from ordinary soap or detergent. Kitchen degreasers have specific chemical formula to remove greasy stains and provides more sine to your cabinets, walls, and appliances. There is so many degreasers bottle available in the market but choose the right one is quite difficult. Don’t worry. In the following, we list down the kitchen degreaser reviews to help you make the right decision.

List of the Best Degreasers for Kitchen in 2021

  1. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Basil Kitchen Basics
  2. La’s Totally Awesome TRV185098 Purpose Concentrated Cleaner
  3. WD-40 – 300349 Specialist Industrial-Strength Cleaner & Degreaser
  4. Method Heavy Duty Degreaser, Oven Cleaner and Stove Top Cleaner
  5. Fantastik Advanced Kitchen and Grease Cleaner (2) 
  6. KRUD KUTTER KK32/2 Original Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser
  7. Clorox Clean-Up CloroxPro Disinfectant Cleaner with Bleach Refill
  8. Parker and Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream-Wood Cleaner-Grease Remover
  9. Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser
  10. Easy-Off


No 1. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Basil Kitchen Basics

Check Price On Amazon

Key feature

Easy to use

Fresh basil scent

Earth friendly

Cruelty free

Deep cleaning

Set captains hand wash, dish wash or surface spray

Use on non-porous surface

Made in USA

Weights is 2.25 pounds

Product description

Mrs. Meyers clean is an amazing kitchen cleaning spray all around us. We can easy to clean any kitchen messes and tough stains in a few minutes with its great efficient performance. Daily use cleaning products in every home and kitchen. It contains 97% natural ingredients with quick cleaning performance. You can also use it as hand wash, surface spray, and dish wash. The USA-made kitchen cleaner can use it on a non-porous surface. It is easy to use and safe and provides you a deep cleaning to your greasy things like kitchen walls, cabinets, surfaces, etc. Mrs. Meyers has an awesome herbal smell. It’s also available in biodegradable and garden scents products like soap, dish wash, etc.


Easy to use and clean dirt

Affordable price

97% natural ingredients contains

Comes with hand wash, surface spray, or dish wash


x No bad reviews

Buy Now

No 2. La’s Totally Awesome TRV185098 Purpose Concentrated Cleaner, Multi, 32 Oz

Check Price On Amazon

Key feature



All spot removers

Safe for septic tanks

Use with water


Easy to use

Climate friendly

Weight is 2 pounds

Product description

La’s awesome TRV185098 purpose concentrated cleaner is a great cleaning agent for our kitchen and basic home things. Remove tough and hard stains easily in a few minutes with its great efficient performance. All things cleaning with are washable. It removes all spots, stains, blood stains, grease, pet stains, berry juice, hair dye, messes, and other oil burnt. Easy to spray and wipe with a cloth. Imported quality cleaning agent. Safe for septic tanks. Use can use with water. Climate is friendly. Also, use for cleaning carpets. It contains no phosphorous, ammonia, acid, or bleach. Nonflammable and safe to use. In short it is such a great powerful performance cleaning agent.


You can easy clean all spot and scars

Also use on carpet cleaning

Easy to use and clean

No contain acid or ammonia


x Left major residue on all surfaces

Buy Now

No 3. WD-40 – 300349 Specialist Industrial-Strength Cleaner & Degreaser, 24 OZ [Non-Aerosol Trigger]

Check Price On Amazon

Key feature

Power full performance

Safe to use


Biodegradable formula

Shatter resistant

Non corrosive

Non abrasive

Low odor

Weight is 1.05 pounds

Product description

WD-40 is a great specialist industrial-strength cleaner & degreaser proves more powerful and efficient performance, safer and easy use than the other degreaser in the market. WD-40 is a water based, non-flammable, non-aerosol cleaner and degreaser with bio solvent formula for safe sensitive surfaces. Its performs quick action on though stains, messes and grease burnt and clean it in a few minutes with its great powerful performance. You can also cleaning any type of accessories, car dash board, plastic items and automatic parts and tools with WD-40. They are non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-abrasive, low odor formula you can be used in food presenting facilities on multi surfaces.


Great for cleaning all type or appliance, tools and other things

Non corrosive and non-flammable

You can be used in food processing facilities

Safe and easy type use on multi-surfaces


x Cleaner had not strong effect performance

Buy Now

No 4. Method Heavy Duty Degreaser, Oven Cleaner and Stove Top Cleaner, Lemongrass, 28 Ounce, 8 pack, Packaging May Vary 

Check Price On Amazon

Key feature

Contains 28 ounces bottle

Made with plant grease cutter

Lemon grass fragrance

Bottle made of 100% recycled plastic

Cruelty free

Aromatic scent

Powerful performance

Heavy duty degreaser

Weight is 16.64 Pounds

Product description

Method Heavy Duty Degreaser with plant based grease cutting power is such a great and powerful cleaning spray to removes hard tough stains, kitchen messes and grease burnt quickly. Lemon grass is great cleaning agent ability with great fragrance. Heavy duty degrease cleaning spray with extra powerful performance comes with lemon grass smell that help to clean thing quicker than the other degrease in a few minute. This heavy duty degreaser also applies to clean microwave, stove tops, range hoods, burner grates and drip pans. You can b use to clean multi-surfaces and are totally non-toxic or cruelty free plant based cutting spray.


Great performance on oil, burnt on messes, or stubborn splatters

Comes with lemon grass fragrance

You can also clean microwave stove tops etc

Heavy duty made with plant grease cutter


x Less performance or not lemon grass fragrance

Buy Now

No 5. Fantastik Advanced Kitchen and Grease Cleaner (2) 

Check Price On Amazon

Key feature


Citrus formula

Use on appliances, strove tops

Easy to use

Great performance

Best for oil or grease

Weight is 4.41 pounds

Product description

Cut your kitchen hard and tough stains and mess with a powerful formula citrus action. Fantastik advanced kitchen and grease cleaner clean grease, messes, and grime without leaving a greasy residue. Quick and powerful cleaning formula use on any type of stovetops and other kitchen appliances or many more. Very simple to use this spray and after spraying wipe with paper or cloth to clean the dirt. This spray contains efficient cleaning performance that can easily destroy the tough kitchen messes in a few minutes. They can be used on many surfaces and their long-lasting scotch guard protector is guaranteed to save your stainless steel kitchen appliances.


You can easy clean stains and grease burnt

Easily destroy the tough kitchen messes

Wipe with paper or towel

Use on all appliances and things


x Not fantastic scrubbing product

Buy Now

No 6. KRUD KUTTER KK32/2 Original Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser, 32-Ounce, 2-Pack


Check Price On Amazon

Key feature

Water based



Non flammable

Xylene free

Safe use at home

Super concentrated

Weight is 0.000625 pounds

Product description

Everyone wants to need those cleaning agents used to all-purpose like cleaners, carpet stains removers, pet stains removers, kitchen messes, floor cleaners, tile and grout cleaner, or more. The original Krud Kutter is working as a cleaning agent to settle on your demands. Awesome and incredible single product with powerful, efficient cleaning ability to clean through tough kitchen messes and many more quickly on multi-surfaces. This spray is water-based, super-concentrated, biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic, or xylene-free for safe use both at home or workplace—such a great and durable, quick cleaning performance spray than the other degreaser product in the market.


Easy and safe to use both as work or home

Water based easy to clean up the kitchen messes

Nonflammable or toxic free

Xylene and other chemicals free


x Lousy sprayer attachment

Buy Now

No 7.Clorox Clean-Up CloroxPro Disinfectant Cleaner with Bleach Refill, 128 Ounces (35420) Package May Vary

Check Price On Amazon

Key feature

Disinfectant spray

99% killing bacteria and germs

Multi- surface cleaner

Bleach cleaning spray

Powerful performance

Heavy duty

Kill viruses

Use all purposes

Weight is 8.58 pounds

Product description

Clorox clean-up disinfectant cleaner with bleach is a powerful stains and messes remover cleaner. It kills the bacteria and germs quickly and cleans the surface is bacteria-free. With Clorox clean-up disinfectant cleaner, you can wash and disinfect confidently. You can also use it for a commercial purpose like office, daycare center, restaurants, schools, and other commercial places with its fresh smell. Their packing is safe to use and easy to grip and use this spray. You can also use it to clean appliances, refrigerators, kitchen sinks, bottles, and many more multi-surface any easy to refill the bottle which safe your money and time.


Easy to refill

You can use as domestic and commercial purposes

Spray kills germs and virus

Powerful performance easy to clean tough stains


x Less efficient performance

Buy Now

No 8.Parker and Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream-Wood Cleaner-Grease Remover 16 oz (1)

Check Price On Amazon

Key feature

Remove grease

Clean kitchen cabinets

Made in USA

Long lasting

Natural appearance

Not contains waxes

Powerful performance

Apply on wood

Pour smell

Wax free

Chemicals free

Weight is 1 pound

Product description

Parker and bailey kitchen cabinet cream offers you clean kitchen messes and stains or kitchen cabinets with a strong, quick performance wood and grease cleaner. You can easily remove stains on wood and cabinets in a few minutes and keep the wood shining and clean. Cabinets cream cleaner contains natural ingredients hold to enhance the wood color and shine. The wood polishing formula does not have any harmful chemicals, waxes, or silicone. They keep your cabinet polish and look new. Parker bailey kitchen cabinet cream removes daily kitchen dirt, stains, messes, and grease burnt in everyday life uses with long-lasting protection and polisher give a natural appearance.


You can also clean kitchen cabinets

It is use to cleans stains on wood

Use on every surface

Shake well before use


x Damage the color on cabinets

Buy Now

No 9. Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser – Removes Kitchen Grease, Grime and Baked-on Food – 14 Fl. Oz. – 2047

Check Price On Amazon

Key feature

Fast working formula

No scrubbing

Safe for daily use

Pleasant scent

Soaking or greasy residue

Biodegradable formula

No harmful

Weight is 0.88 lb.

Product description

Geo gone line is a trusted brand that gives you a great powerful product for your dirty, sticky, and messes. Geo gone kitchen degreaser pro power original all purposes like sticker lifter, spray gel, patio, grill, oven, automotive, tile & grout, clean up wipes, kitchen degreasers, paint, and more. There are so many ways to easy and quick clean up the stains and messes. Now we can clean the though, and hard stains, blemishes, and grease burnt with geo-gone degreaser spray fast working formula cleaner. Geo gone remover is safe to use for tile, ceramic or sealed stone, ovens, counters, stovetops, and pots and great working on kitchen grease and grime. Geo gone contains no harmful chemicals, biodegradable formula with a pleasant scent.


Remover is safe use for tile, ceramic or sealed stone

Great for counters, stove and pots

Great work on kitchen grease and grime

Easy to use and clean the surface


x Do cut grease very well

Buy Now

No 10. Easy-Off 

Check Price On Amazon

Key feature

Lemon scent

Easy to use

NSF certified


Safe and powerful cleaner

Multi use spray

Heavy duty

Weight is 0.99 pounds

Product description

Weber w62 gruel cleaner spray is a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-abrasive, biodegradable, and phosphate-free cleaner spray. Before cleaning the burnt, you need to heat the grill before scrubbing away the grease and save your time and fuel when the grill is still cool. It is a multi-use spray you can b used to clean cookers, smokers, ovens, or microwaves. The weber is a great professional’s trust powerful spray to clean their grills and improve the taste of the food cook and keep your money safe. Weber is a citrus-based cleaner spray that provides a safe and fast, powerful cleaning experience.


Safe and powerful cleaner

Easy to cut the hard grease stains

Use on stove top, kitchen, microwave and more

Affordable price money saver


x Ineffective performance

Buy Now

Best Kitchen Degreaser Buying Guide 

A good kitchen degreaser is a great cleaning solution product that can easily cut through the difficult stains and messes on kitchen appliances.

What Is a Kitchen Degreaser?

A kitchen degreaser is a cleaning solution agent that will keep your kitchen grease and stains free. Many degreaser work on multi-purposes in your home.

Some of the heavy-duty degreasers contain hydrocarbons solvents which give them great cutting power and a nice smell. Kerosene and xylene are most commonly solvents.

These hydrocarbons are also used in thinners, paint and disinfectants.

Importance of Kitchen Greasers

If you are cleaning your kitchen every day, you can’t think of any oily, greasy and mess layer on different kitchen surfaces.

This oily and greasy feel you bad cooking experience. This builds up also infests the kitchen space with an odd odour that felt quite strong when you enter the kitchen for the first time in the morning.

A great powerful quality degreaser helps to make your kitchen good working space. While, with all the frying, baking and stove cooking that is happening in the kitchen, you will need a degreaser for better cleaning.

To make it easy for you to buy the right product, we will suggest 10 of the best kitchen degreasers available in the market.

Some other characteristics help you to decide the best degreaser for your kitchen preferences.

Versatility | A Special or an All-Purpose 

The review section has clear how versatile a degreaser product can be. You can use many products against grease, stains, and other dirt on all type of materials and surfaces. Then, some products don’t work on glass and wooden surfaces.

Even a though versatile degreaser can save you money and great cleaning performance. If you are looking for a degreaser solution, you buy an exclusively designed product for this purpose.

And even if you need a versatile degreaser, look at the manufacturer and the market reputation of the product in the market. You can select all purposes product from the above list included best of best.

Odourless or Scented Ones

Most majority of the heavy degreaser made of chemicals giving a harmful chemical smell after use. While the other hand, small bottle spray comes with a great scent and essential oils give a pleasant finishing touch to your degreasing tasks.

We also discuss some degreaser comes with lemongrass, thyme and citrus scents. If you want to keep your kitchen neat and clean with good smells, then you get those degreasers.

Some people don’t focus on the viscosity and consistency of a kitchen degreaser. They play an important role in the cleaning results. No matters how much time it takes to break down the mess and grease from the surface.

If you are using a low-viscosity degreaser on vertical and inclined surfaces, it will drip down quickly and no cleaning action. If you want to clean the vertical and inclined surfaces, you should foam degreaser in spray bottles to break down the grease effectively. We also discussed some spray degreaser in the product list.


Safety is very important for all type of cleaning agent. Some degreaser is contained harmful chemicals, toxic and other substances that damaged your skin and the human body. The kitchen degreaser is not different safety index tell us how good for home use. You noticed that most degreasers in our list are biodegradable, organic, and free of synthetic toxins. All this information indicates that these degreasers are safe for home use, food pre-surfaces, pets and children.

If you want to buy degreasers for the home, we recommend you factor in those safety features.


What is a good stove degreaser?

If you want to make your kitchen stove clean and shiny, you have to come to the right place.

We have many degreasers, but here’s a few of them that is great and awesome that will easily break down the baked-on grease and hard stains in your oven. These are used for multi-purposes, so every degreaser has performance for a different type of job.

What is the best way to remove grease from kitchen cabinets?

For the kitchen cabinets, I have found the eco-friendly degreaser made with natural ingredients. Some made with biodegradable formula. Your kitchen cabinets not only look shiny or clean also a great smell. The natural cleaners are non-abrasive and great use for wood.

What is a kitchen degreaser?

A kitchen degreaser is a cleaning solution agent that will keep your kitchen grease and stains free. Many degreaser work on multi-purposes in your home.

Some of the heavy-duty degreasers contain hydrocarbons solvents which give them great cutting power and a nice smell. Kerosene and xylene are most commonly solvents.

These hydrocarbons are also used in thinners, paint and disinfectants.

Why do I need a kitchen degreaser?

The kitchen degreaser is the most important thing around the home. Most degreasers are great to clean any messes, stains and a great smell too. This degreaser is a fast-acting solution that cleans your unexpected stains very well. They’ll streamline your cooking and cleaning experience.

The ten best kitchen degreasers above cover all the bases.

How do I decide on the best kitchen degreaser for my kitchen?

We’ll suggest five different things to consider so you can find the best kitchen degreaser for your home.

You will consider what appliances or surface you need to clean, the scent, how strong and powerful you degreaser, how safe the cleaning solution is, and the last thing is price.

What do you want to use it for?

Kitchen degreaser comes in many two types, i.e. multi-purposes and speciality. A Multi-purposes degreaser is used to clean grease on many surfaces and any appliances.

While some of the other degreasers are used to clean through stains on ovens and countertops and stoves tops. 

You might have already a multi-purpose degreaser, but you want something that will work on stainless steel, your range hood, your microwave and your counter.

So I think you better decide what type of degreaser is best for you.

How strongly do you want your degreaser?

If you want to use your degreaser in your home or kitchen, you can decide on the strength of your degreaser.

Will your degreaser be an oven cleaner, a countertop cleaner or somewhere in between?

Great strength notice that the beat degreaser use non-abrasive material. No one wants your furniture and appliance damaged from cleaning. So you will see the product in the description list as non-abrasive, safe for home or kitchen use.

What is the best commercial kitchen degreaser?

Let’s talk a little bit about commercial cleaners and degreasers. Most of the ones listed are great for use in the home. And some cut tough grease and can be used for commercial purposes.

If you have your restaurants, you can analyze how dirty the kitchen gets. You might have dozens of stoves, grills, grease traps, griddles. Then, it would be best if you had something that can cut the grease with little trouble.  

Krud -Kutter is an eco-friendly and multi-purposes degreaser that is made for clean difficult stains and grease. One of the best degreaser in my research is Zep’s industrial and cleaner or degreaser. It can clean almost everything.

Hand tools

Power tools

Gasoline engines

Truck hitches


Walls (in small amounts – the chemicals may remove paint)

Bike parts

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How to sharpen a knife with a stone in 6 Easy Methods in 2021

How to sharpen a knife with a stone in 6 Easy Methods in 2021

How to sharpen a knife with a stone? If you are using your knife almost every day, you need to sharpen it well before using it. If you have a dull knife in your hands to cut different vegetables or fruits in your kitchen, the chances are that it can slip from your hand in addition to demanding much effort from you.

There are no two opinions that if your knife is sharp, you find yourself in some better positions to cut better different things in your kitchen. If you desire to do your jobs very well and right on time in your kitchen, you must know how to sharpen your knife with some stone to make things easier for you in your kitchen.

Experts usually numerate many ways to sharpen knives. If you tend to sharpen your knife without exerting much effort and time, then you must use an electric knife sharpener that is safer for you if you happen to be a first-time user. This is the method that will give you full control over your knife.

Important Information About Sharpen Knife with Stone

Now we want to tell you in some detail how to sharpen a knife with a stone so that you may not experience any difficulty at a time when you sharpen knife forward and backward.

1.The first thing you must bear in mind is that the Stone should be kept with the Blade of your knife. Some more things, including type and grit of the Stone, are of primary importance in many ways, and you must consider them essential and try to make a fruitful effort to get them done rightly.

2. The second thing you must focus on while giving it a priority is to use the right angle for sharpening your knife. If you are determined to sharpen any straight edges of the knife, then you must be aware that the highly dependable angle for getting sharpened your knife would be 20 degrees.

3.You should manage to move your knife on the Stone in forward and backward direction in slow motion after getting no 1 and 2 steps done. We would counsel you that you should repeat this process at least five to six times to do your heart’s content. It is here that you should know the real sharpening of your knife relies just on your blade edge and materials.

4. The next thing which you should do with immediate care and attention is flipping your knife and then repeating the same process in the other direction to make sure the sharpening of your knife on the opposite side.

Types of Sharpening Stones

Stones are available in the market in many types, but you should be mindful that various kinds of rocks are not suitable for all categories of blades. In this connection, one necessary step that you need to take urgently is to have full information about your knife before you begin to sharpen it on a stone.

We would tell you in detail about some various kinds of stones you can purchase easily in the upcoming lines. We also want to say that any home or professional chef can buy these stones if they tend to use them.

Now we are going to discuss all kinds of stones in the next paragraphs.

Water Stones

If you have a natural disposition to get a water stone for your personal use, we would suggest that you should care to find a Japanese stone. The reality is that Japanese people are famous all over the world for having introduced the best knife sharpening stones.

We want to tell you that various materials are put together to prepare these sharpening stones. There was a time when people did not attach much importance to sharpening stones in the past, but these water stones have become very popular in this modern era because more and more people express their intention to use them. 

Aluminum oxide is the mainstay for preparing these water stones. The manufacturers use water to separate swarf from this Stone that happens to be softer than many stones. You can use this Stone to sharpen your knife and enhance its cutting speed while honing it on this water stone. Its sole fault is that its sharpening capability does not work well for a long time compared to other rocks. But this does not mean that it cannot work for you. The fact of the matter is that the water stone proves an immense help to you if you wish to sharpen butcher knives, carving knives, and chef knives in addition to your entire kitchen knife set.

Oil Stones

Oil stones are very famous in Western countries, and people use them so eagerly. Experts say three types of material are used in the manufacturing of oil stones. We also want to tell you that these oil stones are prepared with novaculite that gives an immense finish to the Blade.

If you wish to cut things in your kitchen speedily and with a slight blade edge, we would suggest that you should use an oil stone made of aluminum oxide. You should also be aware that its color gets transformed from orange to grey. And if you are desirous to sharpen your knife with some stone without spending much money, then oil stones are ideal for you.

But it would be necessary for you to buy some extra oil to serve your purpose in line with your desires.

Ceramic Stones

Expert people say that it is not a simple job to use a ceramic stone for sharpening your knife, particularly for the first time. There is also a possibility that you would not get a ceramic stone of the same quality if you go to purchase it for the second time. You also need to know this reality that some ceramic stones are very soft while others appear to be very hard. And this is the very thing that puts the customers to confusion very much.

But it would help if you did not forget that you can sharpen your knives with ceramic stones faster than other stones. We also want to tell you that you can use these ceramic stones to polish the Blade after deep sharpening is done. And this is quite perfect for a fillet knife, utility knife paring knife, small meat cutting knife, steak knife, or a boning knife.

Diamond Stones

It would be noticeable that the diamond stone consists of one metal plate with two small diamonds attached to it in an especially decorated manner. Big industrial units and factories use these diamond stones for different purposes. It would be notable that every diamond stone is prepared while following a particular method and pattern, and they do not give the same look.

These diamond stones would come into your hands in two types. One type would be in the shape of a hole, while the other would possess a continuous surface. The fact is that both of these types can grip the swarf of your knife very well. The diamond stones coming into your hands with their surface type are just flat, and they help you very well when you sharpen your knife. 

We want to advise you that you should check your knife’s quality urgently if you have a natural tendency to buy diamond stone for yourself.

Steps for Sharpening Knife on a Sharpening Stone

There are several quickest steps that you can take to sharpen your knife. But sharpen Stone is one most effective way to serve this purpose. You do not need an enormous amount of money to purchase a knife sharpening stone.

Most people find themselves in some problematic situation thinking as to how they can use a sharpening stone? Because of this common confusion of people, we intend to tell you about six steps that are usually taken for getting knives sharpened.

Step No 1: Soak the Stone Underwater

It would help if you made your mind get the Stone soaked underwater ahead of your sharpening knife on sharpening Stone. We can ensure you that this is something that would give you a better result. It would be best to observe immense care when you have placed your Stone underwater because it must remain there for about 7 to 10 minutes. You would find water very useful in line with the Stone’s quality for sharpening your knife. You should also know that the Blade would never remain attached to your Stone after the soaking process comes to an end.

Step No 2: Place your Stone on a Damp Cloth

We suggest that you never make a quick effort to sharpen your knife as early as you have removed the Stone from the water. It is here that you should manage to keep a damp cloth near you so that you can use it to suck the extra dampness of your sharpening stone. If you make any lapse in acting upon this suggestion, the possibility is that it would slip from your hand at a time when you are about to sharpen your knife.

Step No 3: Choose the Right Angle of the Knife

We want to tell you that a good sharpening stone would come in your hands while possessing two sides with textures that differ from each other. One side is a bit coarser in comparison to the other. So it would help if you took care that the angle chosen by you should be entirely right. Expert people advise that the right and standard angle is 20 degrees. But we suggest that you should begin with at least 16 degrees to get an ideal angle for your knife. We also want to clarify that the real angle depends on the edge, and you should care to follow it thoroughly.

Step No 4: Hold the Knife against the Stone

If you have taken all the steps mentioned before, we would ask you that you need to place the lower side of your knife on your Stone’s upper side at some right angle. It would help if you also managed to hold the Blade against Stone because it is a significant thing you must do to get good results.

Just imagine that you are cutting the Stone, and now the angle that comes to your mind is ideal for you over which you should begin to sharpen your knife.

Step No 5: Sweep One side of the Blade across the Stone

It is something befitting for you to apply some softer pressure on the knife and try to sweep the left side of the Blade across the Stone. If you desire to sharpen your knife to the full extent, you must shift your focus to the best kind of movement because it plays a fundamental role in this regard.

When you would be applying some gentle pressure, you would view the lade swarf on your sharpening stone. You should manage the right kind of angle here and continue to sweep it till you start to get results in keeping with your desires.

Step No 6: Turn the Knife over and Sharpen the Other Side

It would help if you turned your knife’s side to get it sharpened from the other side after taking the five steps mentioned in the above paragraphs. It would help if you did hear the same thing which you have done earlier. The reality is that the process would be the same at all times if your knife is damaged at some point or it turns out to be slow.

And in the meantime, if you have a feeling that you have sharpened your knife up to a good standard, you can try it on some tomato or some piece of paper. If your knife is cutting a tomato or piece of paper so well, then you should take it that you have sharpened your knife very well.

How to Sharpen a Knife: Beginners Tutorial

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