Which Wusthof Knives are Best for You? In-depth Wusthof Knives Reviews & Comparison


Wusthof is one of the best companies which is known for its knives. Our team conducted in-depth research on Wusthof knives and brought the real facts in front of you. Our Wusthof knives review will analyze the company, their best knives, and knife sets which are very helpful for you.

Wusthof is a highly respected kitchen knives makers in the world. They are making knives for more than two centuries. You can find Wusthof knives in millions of kitchens from all over the world.

Some Details About Wusthof Company

The Wusthof Company was established in 1814 in Solingen, Germany. They use specific steel formula (X50 CR Mo 15) on their knives. The “Made in Solingen” increases the customer’s trust because Solingen is considered the home of steel manufacturing in Germany.

Wusthof Company uses Computer art technology, Precision Edge Technology (PETec), to manufacture knives. This computer control technology enhances the knives’ sharpness, and it lasts long.


Seven Different Models of Wusthof Knives

There are seven different Models in Wusthof Knives

  • Classic
  • Classic Ikon
  • Epicure
  • Gourmet
  • Grand Prix II
  • Ikon
  • Pro

Why are Wusthof Knives Famous?

Wusthof knives are top-rated all over the globe due to the following reasons

  • Well balanced
  • Sharp
  • Elegant Design
  • Durable and log last


Stamped vs. Forged

The company manufactured two types of knives: Stamped knives and forged knives.

Forged Knives

Wusthof Forged Knives are manufactured from single steel pieces. These pieces are heated and hammered until they took a sharp blade shape. The heating and hammered process change the molecular composition of the steel. It makes it too stronger.

There are 5 Wusthof knife models.

  • Classic
  • Classic Ikon
  • Epicure
  • Grand Prix II
  • Ikon


Stamped Knives

Stamped Wusthof Knives are manufactured from Stamped out the stainless steel sheet. After stamping, it is passed out from little heating processes compared to forged knives. The less involved manufacturing process resulted in, the lower price of Stamped knife than a forged knife.

There are two models of stamped knives.

  • Gourmet
  • Pro


Material Used for the Manufacturing of Wusthof Knives

Stainless steel is the proffered maturing for the manufacturing of Kitchen knives. Chromium is added to the standard carbon steel, which makes it stainless. Stainless steel is less likely to rust when exposed to acid or any other corroded environment.

Wusthof uses a more advanced type of X50CrMoV15 stainless steel. It has additional molybdenum and vanadium, which increase the strength, durability, rust resistance of the utensils. These elements are used in the manufacturing of Wusthof Knives.

Parts of a Wusthof Kitchen Knife

We will discuss the main parts of the best kitchen knives in the following.


Wusthof blades are manufactured from stainless steel. They are full tang. Full tang means the blade steel runs down from the knife’s tip to the end of the handle. If the knife is not full tang, it can be separated from the handle. So, a full tang is the best feature of any knife.

Wusthof blade pieces are sharper at the angle of 14 degrees per side which is much sharper than the German-style knives that are sharp around 22 degrees. Wusthof knives are much influence by Japanese knives, e.g., Santoku, which sharpness is around 10 degrees.

Heat-treated elements increase the Rockwell hardness of 58 HRC, which is the norm of German-style knives.


Most of the Wusthof Knives handles are manufactured from synthetic material which looks like real wood. This material is called Polyoxymethylene.

Classic and Classic Ikon’s handles are manufactured from Polyoxymethylene. The Ikon knife handle is made from real wood. Recycle wood fiber is used for the manufacturing of Epicure. The pro is made from different synthetic materials. It does not look like wood, but it has an ergonomic design.


A bolster is a thicker metal below the blade and above the handle. This strong area act as a buffer between your hand and the sharp blade edge. It keeps away your hand up while you are chopping or slicing something.

According to safety points, traditional chef’s knives have a thick bolster that is too noticeable. The modern version of kitchen knives uses thin, narrow, or no bolster. It provides a more good design of the blade, but it is not recommended from a safety point of view. Wusthof knives have well-balanced handles

Wusthof Knives: Forged and Stamped Lines

Wusthof has 9 unique Lines of knives. All the knives have unique designs and elegant designs. All of them are forged knives except the Urban farmer, Pro, and Gourmet which are Stamped or laser-cut knives.

Forged Knives

PictureBlade HandleBest for Price
High quality Stainless SteelBlack composite materialProfessional and Home ChefsCheck Price
High quality stainless steel Ergonomic handle designEasy cutting and balanceCheck Price
Premium quality stainless steel Ergonomic handle designBalance and easy cutting Check Price
Premium quality stainless steel Grenadaill wood handleEasy to maintain sharpnessCheck Price
Premium quality stainless steel Ergonomic and hygienic handleProfessional chefsCheck Price
High quality stainless steelMade from recycled wood (Richlite)Sustainable and luxuriousCheck Price
High quality stainless steelSynthetic handlesProfessional and home chefsCheck Price


Stamped or Laser Cut Knives

NameBladeHandleBest for Price
Urban FarmerHigh quality stainless steelSmooth smoked beech handleGood grip Check Price
GourmetHigh quality stainless steelComfortable, synthetic handleSharp edgeCheck Price
ProHigh quality stainless steelBlack poly handleLower priceCheck Price


No 1. Wusthof 9822 Classic Ikon Twenty-Two Piece Block Set

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It is a very good knife set of Wusthof that is available in the market. This set of knives includes everything of your need so that you can easily slice and dice for your delicious foods. In this set, 22 knives and one wooden block holder are included. We want to tell you that the knives have 5″ and 7″ Hollow Edge Santoku that is actually a blade that combines the ability of the Chef’s knife and the power of a butcher’s cleaver.

These are prepared with a hollow edge that works well to reject any stuck-on gunk. The eight inches cook’s knife is also called a chef’s knife, and this is a knife that you can use for many works. And both eight inches hollow edge carving knife and eight-plus 4.5 steak knives work well with cooked meat.

We would tell you that each knife possesses a hardy POM handle that supports three rivets. Their edges are laser tested and ensure razor sharpness. Famous German steel has been used to make their blades. And this name is carved on every blade to give you the satisfaction that you have rightly purchased the product of Wusthof.

They are the best blades and make the knives very attractive to customers. And since they are sharp enough, we would advise you that you should use them with much care.


√ These are so well balanced and they cut like surgical instruments.

√ These are the most precise and well crafted knives.

√ Its absolute best (and sharpest) knives.


The sharpener is from the “Classic” set and not the “Classic Ikon” set.

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No 2. Classic 36 Piece Cherry Knife Block Set

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This is the largest set having been offered by Wusthof that goes in the hands of customers with 36 knives laying in an attractive cherry wood block. This set contains a super slicer knife that has a thin blade with a serrated edge and one rounded tip that cuts through everything from turkey, bread, and tomatoes without doing any kind of harm to them.

This set also possesses a pair of cheese knives, being good for softer cheeses, while a harder knife works well to cut harder cheese. Its fillet knife proves flexible for boning knife and cuts well cooked and uncooked meat. The blades of these knives have a full tang, tough black plastic handles, which you must keep together with a triple rivet.

These knives have been prepared with Precision Edge Technology to ensure their sharpness that works for a long period of time. This set fulfills your cooking needs because it gives a good performance when you put it to your use. The entire set is made with good deftness, and it remains with you almost all your life.


√ The “Classic” design are great knives and worth the price.

√ Varied knife sizes.

√ This knives has superb cutting ability.


The damage can occur to the handles.

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No 3. Wusthof Classic 26 Piece Block Knife Set

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You would get the best blades with this set of knives and would be happy with their good work. There is Bird’s Beak Paring knife included in this set of knives that is a carved knife that you can use to get precise cuts on soft foods and garnishes in addition to peeling off their skins easily.

This set also contains a pair of utility knives that cut sandwiches in a very amazing manner. A bread knife is a knife which you can put to use to cut your bread without doing any harm to them. This knife is also usable for cutting soft fruits and vegetables.

The steel shears knife can be used to cut herbs, poultry meat, and it can also cut through foods so easily. The edge of their blades is tested with a laser, due to which blades remain sharp for a long time. During work with this knife, you hold a triple supporting POM handle with a full tang.

We would like to tell you that this set of knives contains everything that a good chef needs to prepare tasty and delicious foods.


√ The balance and grip of these knives are as close to perfect.

√ less likely to snap.

√ The blade is strong.

√ Intergenerational set of knives.


Not Heating and cooling in a dishwasher.

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No 4. Wusthof Classic Ikon 14-Piece Walnut Knife Block Set

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This set of knives contains a block that is available with both Walnut and Acacia. The Santoku knife of this classic set works like a butcher’s knife when it goes in the hands of a chef. It cuts everything so easily because it possesses a hollow edge that does not let anything stick to its blade.

The offset carving knife of this set has a blade that works very well with a downward profile to support you in your task to avoid your knuckles when you cut up food.

You would find 10 inches sharpener which the company has made with a solid kind of steel. This set contains four steak knives with a pair of kitchen shears. And its blade has been made with a high carbon stainless steel famous for resisting stain. Due to the Rockwell Hardness of 58 and being designed with PEtec edge enhancement, these blades would remain with you for a long time.

Its handle is completely synthetic while having three rivets for more support, and you would note that it is fully balanced. These blades are very powerful and do the work of cutting so swiftly. The company has made its block with beautiful external.


√ Great set of knives Super and sharp blade.

√ Wusthof are durable and well balanced knives.



They’ve dull their blade.

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No 5. Wusthof Classic 20-Piece Knife Set with Block

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If this 20 piece knife set is in your possession, we are sure that you would not get anything remarkable undone. Its 8 inches hollow edge carving knife would cut cooked meats and turkey in an excellent manner, and you would notice that nothing remains on the blades. You would get six inches of meat fork to help this cutting process.

8 inches bread knife of this set can cut many soft things being a versatile knife in your hands while cutting fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood. And 9 inches steel kitchen shears with three more slots make this set very important for customers. Their blades have been prepared with precision edge technology that is fit to make the blade up to 20 percent sharpener while doubling its life.

Moreover, their polypropylene handles are supported immensely with rivets. The handle can fit well to the counter of the user’s hands because it is ergonomically designed, and with it in your hands, you continue to keep cutting without getting tired.

All knives have tangs for more power and precision control. And we want to tell you that the high carbon German steel resists stains and gets clean so easily.


√ Cutting nicely except in need sharpening regularly.

√ Good brand knives, as indicated lifetime warranty.

√ Quality of the actual blades and handles are fantastic.


The logos were printed on the handle and have since washed off.

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No 6. Wusthof Classic 16-Piece Acacia Knife Block Set

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This knife set comes in your hands with a wooden block having six colors, including walnut, cherry, and black. You would find in this knife set a pair of utility knives in which many tools are found to be used for any type of work. A hollow edge wunder knife is also included in this set that works very well while chopping, carving, and slicing.

Its eight inches bread knife cuts fresh bread without any harm doing to them. You would find nine pieces of sharpening steel with this 16 piece knife set to get immediate help to sharp all of its blades. This set also has solid kitchen shears and six other classic steel knives.

Moreover, we want to tell you that these knives have full tang with triple reinforced grommets, a high carbon stainless steel construction, and a solid 58 on the Rockwell hardness scale.

The tech edge makes it possible for your blades to work for a long time. Its handle is prepared with polyoxymethylene, which is famous for solid and fade resistant.


√ Knives are very sharp out of the box

√ Block also has 2 additional slots (medium, large)


Price is high, obviously. Commonly used knives appear to dull quickly.

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No 7. Wusthof Classic Ikon Crème 10 Piece Walnut Knife Block Set

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This knife set is small, but this does not mean that it cannot come up to your expectations. You would get its block in five colors walnut, cherry, natural, acacia, and bamboo.

The three inches straight paring knife performs like a smaller version of a chef’s knife with a huge difference in the blade that cuts things ideally like herbs.

The 7 inches Santoku knife has huge power for cutting even hard meats, and it also possesses a hollow edge being resistant to sticking. The stainless steel shears easily cut parsnips and other woody vegetables, and it can also cut open containers with so much ease. You would get this set with an additional seven slots so that you can put knives in it.

The blades of this set have been prepared with precision edge technology. They can slice and dice everything with ease while improving and sharpening the knives of this set. The steel used in the preparation of these knives highly resists corrosion and stain. And their handle has been prepared with synthetic substance reinforcing them with the support of three rivets.


√ Very sharp edge.

√ Cut through most anything like hot butter.

√ The metal seems to be more stiff than my other sets.


When wash and dry all of these knives and they’re rusting.


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No 8. Wusthof Gourmet 23-Piece Block Knife Set

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The block of this knife set would come in your hands in natural wood color while containing 22 slots. Its 5 inches boning knife gets curved inside to give you huge control over it when you want to take the meat off the bones. Its 6 inches cleaver possesses a thick blade having much power due to which can cut even the hardest food in your kitchen.

The 8 inches carving knife included in this set cuts carved meat in thin slices, and you would find 4.5 inches and 6 inches utility knives with an additional 8 inches chef’s knife. Moreover, 8 knives that are almost 4.5 inches long come apart from chicken shears. Laser-cut has been used to sharpen the blade, due to which good slicing of food is possible for you. The solid polymer has been used to make the handles of this set that support full tang design and enhance its power.

Customers express the opinion that their blades are sharper and they are quite capable of cutting everything so easily they want to. The name of Solingen would also be found stamped on all knives of all sets of Wusthof.


√ Blades are extremely sharp.

√ Weighted knives.



After 13 months. they rust in spots.

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No 9. Wusthof Classic Knives Cutlery 12- Piece Set with Storage Block

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You would get this set in the classic style, and there is a reason for it. The reason is that all blades have been made with a full tang and triple supported riveted synthetic handle, due to which its power is improved, and you are able to possess good control over all knives of a set.

The paring knife included in this set has a curved blade that works well to shred up herbs and vegetables with leaves with the sharp tip that checks the softness of cooked meats just straight off the backyard grill. Its 8 inches knife bread is serrated, and the company has made it to ensure that it does not do harm to soft things when you are cutting them.

The 8 inches cook’s knife works very well to cut everything, and you can sharpen them with 9 inches honing steel. Its 12 piece kitchen set comprises kitchen shears that have been made of a storage block.

Stainless steel and high carbon have been used to make this set of knives that resist stain and discoloration. You would find the weight of the blade comfortable because you can easily move them in your kitchen or any other place.


√ They are full tang with beautiful handles and are well balanced.

√ To protect the edge, hand wash only and store in block.


knife block has 3 separate cracks in it.


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No 10. Wusthof Classic 8 Piece Knife and Walnut Block Set Big Kitchen Exclusive

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You would get this set with a smaller 8 pieces variant, and you also get the smaller one with 10 pieces that are a great deal. This ten pieces set includes a 7 inches Santoku knife that is an ideal combination of a chef’s knife and powerful cleaver. Its 8 inches carving knife works well to make short work of cooked turkey and ham, and both of these blades possess a hollow edge improving their slicing power while also being a nonstick item.

The 6 inches curved boning knife included in this set is used to take the meat off fish, poultry, and other kinds of meat in a simple manner. Moreover, you have the facility to keep all the blades of all the knives of this set extremely sharp with the help of 9 inches diamond honing steel.

The walnut knife block would be available to you with an additional 7 slots, which you need highly. You would surely get this set with a full tang, due to which you can support the already tremendous power of high carbon German steel. You would notice the full tang has been fully and ergonomically prepared synthetic handle that comes with three rivets for ensuring your peace of mind and the contentment of your heart.


Knives are very sharp and fit the bill.

Fit the hand well and are balanced.

Precision Forged High Carbon Steel.



Plastic labels put on them.

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