Best 21 Small Kitchen Storage Ideas & Design to Organize Your Small Kitchen in 2021


Are you confused about the arrangement of your small kitchen? Here are the 21st small kitchen storage ideas. Everyone doesn’t have a farmhouse style kitchen. People always faced challenging in organizing a small kitchen. The small kitchen is still messed up with the little things. If you want to know how to manage your small kitchen then yes you are at the right place. We will give you 21 smart ideas to manage your small kitchen.

1- Install a Pull Out Shelve for Kitchen Cabinet


Install a Slide-Out Prep Station


Pull out shelves are a great idea to manage the small storage of your kitchen. You can install a slide-out prep station. It’s have drawn like the design but attached with a board along with hole. You can peel off all your vegetables/ fruits and trash them through the whole.


2- Stackable Kitchen Cabinet or Counter Shelve Organizer


Turn One Shelf Into Two


You can turn your shelves into two by stackable kitchen cabinets. It acts as a divider in your rack and increases the space. You can store your cookware, glasses, mugs and dishware. It provides a new look to your kitchen. Stackable kitchen cabinets are beneficial to manage a small kitchen.


3- Use Tier Wall Shelves and Door Racks


Best door racks


Arrange your grocery items like supermart style. Put the commonly boxes and container first. Behind these containers, put those boxes which are openly less. Tier wall shelves and door racks can help you to arrange the small space of your kitchen. Always organized your things with the label so that you can easily find them.

4- Compact Tea Bag Organizer


Compact tea bag organizer


If you like the different flavors of tea, then use compact tea bag organizer. It is beneficial to manage all tea bags. You can easily find your favourite tea flavor and use it at any time of the day. Compact tea organizers organized your tea bags without any mess.

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5- Shop Storage Bins / Small Kitchen Storage Cabinets


Storage bins


Add drawers in the cabinets. You can put your clothes napkins, mats, table runners in these plastic storage bins. These are very helpful to manage all kitchen clothes items. They are also efficiently arranged your cutlery or other small kitchen items which are less used. Extra kitchen cabinets provie extra kitchen storage to your small kitchen. 

6- Kitchen Wrap Organizer


kitchen wrap organizer


Best kitchen storage idea is to put kitchen wrap organizer in your kitchen. Kitchen wrap organizers are best to arrange aluminum foils, plastic wraps and trash bags. This small item is handy in your kitchen; you can put all boxes of the storage bag and wraps in one place.


7- Expandable Utensil Organizer / Drawer Divider


Expandable kitchen organizer


Drawer dividers are very helpful to manage small kitchens. You can install them in your drawer. They are used not only to put your small utensils and cutlery, but they are handy to put small items in it. It enhanced the beauty of your draw, and it seems well managed.


8- Shop Pan Organizers



pan organizer


Pots and pans create so much mess on kitchen shelves. No doubt they are an essential item among all kitchen items. Managed pans and pots provide a clean look of any kitchen. Pan organizers play a vital role in the management of pots. You can put the pan organizer in your any cabinet. It does not only manage your pans but your cutting board, bakeware etc. also.


9- Storage bowl for Vegetable and Fruits


Counter top storage box


You can arrange storage boxes in the last drawer. It is an excellent idea to keep your vegetable or fruits in it. Storage boxes prevent you from any mess, and your kitchen gives a clean look.


10- Food Container Storage and Drawer Organizer


Food Container Drawer Organizer


It created too much embarrassment when you lost your food storage container lid. Food container storage is the solution to this embarrassment. You can quickly put in your drawer or any cabinet. After cleaning the storage box, you can separately put your food containers a lid in this organizer.


11- Color Matching


Group by colours


Attractive colors always give a beautiful look to your kitchen. Always choose different colours for your cabinets and organizers. It will provide you with the benefits that you can easily open your desired cabinet or drawer.

12- Magnetic Knife Bar


Magnetic Knife Bar


Magnetic knife bar gives a professional look to your kitchen. You can stick all your big and small knives on it. Knife bar organizes your knives, and you can easily find your knives. It does manage not only your kitchen knives but also the other small kitchen utensils.


13- Use the Space Above the Stovetop


Above stove space


Always use the space above the stove. You can store your pans, cookware, dishes and other kitchen utensils. This space organized your kitchen items, manage them. This space saves your kitchen space, and everything you need is always in your hand range.


14- Narrow Shelves


Narrow shelves


Narrow shelves play an essential role to organize your small kitchen. You can use the side space of your refrigerator. Narrow shelves on the side your refrigerator are helpful to manage your can food and spice containers or jars.


15- Maximize your Portable Cabinets and Shelves


Choose a Hollow Island

These type of moveable cabinets and shelves store so many unnecessary things from your kitchen. One side you can use in your living area but the other side you can keep your kitchen utensils, napkins, cooking books etc. Extra kitchen counter space is one of the best storage solution for small kitchen ideas. 


16- Utility Baskets


Utilize Baskets

Utility baskets are very efficient to store the tings. You can put them above the kitchen shelves and under the cabinets. It keeps your bottles and jars.

17- Use Kitchen Side Space


sink side space


Always utilized the side space of your kitchen. You can hang the wet sponges on the side of the desk organizers. Desk organizers organized your trays, dishware and other small kitchen utensils on the sink side space. It is the best small kitchen storage idea to increase the space of your kitchen.


18- Use two Surfaces of your Kitchen Shelves


use two surfaces of shelves


Your kitchen shelve has two surfaces. Always use the top and bottom of your shelf. It plays an important role to store your kitchen items. Put tin and bins on the top of the rack. Always hang jars filled with nuts or spices on the downside of the shelf.


19-  Use all Small Spaces


Cabinet side storage


Side of the bottom cabinets is essential for different store items. You can hang your strainers, cutting boards and pans etc. This space can also store heavy utensils. One of the best small kitchen storage idea for small kitchen. 


20- Build Breakfast Nook Bench


lunch bench


Instead of putting a dining table and chairs, you can decorate the space with bench. It took less space. The bench also provides you with adequate storage for your unnecessary items. You can put your less-used kitchen utensils in it.


21- Use your Cabinets doors


Cabinet doors


You can use kitchen cabinets for the hanging of frequently used kitchen utensils like spoons, measuring cups and utensils. It will be very beneficial for you. Most of the people ignore this area, but cabinet doors are helpful to store the hanging items.


Frequently Asked Questions for Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Q: How can I increase storage of my kitchen?

Ans: You can use the following items to increase the storage of your small kitchen. Here is a list of the best kitchen storage ideas.

  • Install a Pull Out Shelve for Kitchen Cabinet
  • Stackable Kitchen Cabinet or Counter Shelve Organizer
  • Use Tier Wall Shelves and Door Racks
  • Compact Tea Bag Organizer
  • Shop Storage Bins
  • Kitchen Wrap Organizer
  • Expandable Utensil Organizer / Drawer Divider
  • Shop Pan Organizers
  • Storage bowl for Vegetable and Fruits
  • Food Container Storage and Drawer Organizer
  • Color Matching
  • Magnetic Knife Bar
  • Use the Space Above the Stovetop
  • Narrow Shelves
  • Maximize your Portable Cabinets and Shelves
  • Utility Baskets
  • Use Kitchen Side Space
  • Use two Surfaces of your Kitchen Shelves
  • Use all Small Spaces
  • Build Breakfast Nook Bench
  • Use your Cabinets doors

Q2: How can i organize my small kitchen without cabinets?


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