How to Clean a Manual Meat Grinder – 6 Amazing Steps to Clean Useful Tips and Tricks


If you want to great neat texture and delicious taste of meat, then a manual meat grinder is best for you. Suppose you have your meat grinder so you can easily cut the meat and ensure safety as well. You must know the knowledge of using manual meat grinder and basics cleaning tips.

Let me discuss using and cleaning tips that help to know about manual meat grinder for home uses.

Uses for the Meat Grinder

So if you are asking yourself, why should you grind your meat? In the following steps, you will find the answer.

The first thing is that you can ensure the safety of the meat grinder. Then prepackaged the ground meat of various animal parts. You can provide about the meat of animals. But if you can quickly grind the meat at home so why you get risk. The rate of contamination is zero.

The second step is that you can confirm the better flavour of the meat. If you buy the meat from the supermarket, it contains a total fat content of meat. With the manual meat grinder, you can control the cuts of meat, and it will provide tastier patties, sausage or other things to make.

The third step is that you can ensure the moisture and texture of meat if you are using a manual grinder.

How to Use a Hand Crank Meat Grinder?

We discuss how to use a hand meat grinder step by step:

Step 1:

First meat or meat grinder cold because fat is a leak out from warm beef. On the other hand, you can put the meat in an ice bowl to chill.

Step 2:

Smearing chewed up the meat, so trimming is better to prevent it. You can trim the meat well.

Step 3:

In this step, put the meat in the grinder, and it will come out like trim pieces, and it can identify the fat and meat. If the wet and mass come out from the meat, then fix the grinder to reverse function. Otherwise, you clean the blade and start grinding again.

Step 4:

Remember that the blade must be sharp because the dull blade can smear the meat. You can also purchase an extra blade for your safety.

Step 5:

At last, wash the plate with hot soapy water and dry with a dry towel or cloth.

Step 6:

If you want to need more delicate meat so you can grind it many times.

How to Clean Manual Meat Grinders?

  1. Meat contains fat, so there will be grease or oil through your grinder. Remember not to dry this on the grinder and wash the grinder immediately after every use.
  2. Before disassembling the meat grinder, you should feed two or more slice of bread with meat because the bread slices absorb the oil and grease of the meat.  
  3. Disassemble all the parts of the grinder.
  4. Take a hot water bucket and put some detergent in them, and all the disassembled parts of the grinder keep them for an hour so that the oil and grease will loosen up.
  5. Clean all the parts and blade; be careful because the blade is so sharp it can cause so harm.
  6. Then wipe all the part with a dry cloth or towel and keep hold it on the rack. Let them air dry them or prevent rusting or oxidation.
  7. You can use mineral spray on metal parts of the grinder to prevent rust.
  8. Please keep all the parts in their plastic bag.
  9. Remember to keep the grinder in the freezer for effective performance.

Troubleshooting Of Meat Grinder

You may face some problem when using a meat grinder. A few issues discussed with solutions:

  1. Sometimes the head of the meat grinder is unable to grind meat evenly. So you make ensure that you attached the head tightly.
  2. Due to the continuous use of a meat grinder, the blade and the grinder’s teeth need sharpness. So it is possible to make it sharp than buy a new one.  
  3. The major problem of meat grinder is friction. You can resolve this by grinding the frozen meat.


The manual meat grinder is best and ideal for you home; you can easily use and clean it. It makes your cooking much easier in grinding meat. If you have a meat grinder in your home, then you do not need to go out and look to prepackaged ground meat,

So everything is under you control of how much amount of ground meat you want to grind. You can also make sure of the health and diet of your family members. I hope this article is helpful for you on how to use or clean a manual meat grinder.




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