10 Best Non Chemical Homemade Cleaning Products that Actually Works According to Our Chemical Experts


Today we discuss what we do the most important things we need to cleaning something at home? Let us go to some non-chemical homemade cleaning products that are commonly use in our homes. So as a result of our research we find that some cleaning chemicals are pretty and more dangerous for our health.

Most people have no idea they used it when they expired, so they become so highly harmful.

What shall we do?

Fortunately, we find the best cleaning agents for our home is much safer, and we can prepare it at a low cost. So we discuss the top 10 homemade remedies everyone prepared themselves.

No1. Baking soda

I think you already know that baking soda is a perfect cleaning agent. We can efficiently clean the hard stains and scars on tiles and tubs and whiten up the laundries.

No 2. Mustard powder

Mainly mustard oil is used for cooking and also used for dishwashing the chemicals. It is a very safe cleaning agent and gently scrubs and cleans up. So they mixed with baking soda it has excellent performance to removes grease burnt.

No 3. Essential oils

It is not perfect deodorizers, but these all the oils are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic. As lemon, tea tree and peppermints oil are the best cleaning agents. Lemon oil is used chiefly to removes hard stains and stickiness for both garment and floors purposes.

Tea tree oil is good for mould and mildew, and peppermints oil is best for kills germ on the counter or kitchen.

No 4. Distilled white vinegar

It is a perfect versatile thing that removes stains, scars, grease, kills moulds, sanitizerssanitizers or cleaning surfaces, glass transparency and shine etc.

For this cleaning agent’s preparation, add acetum to the pulverizer with water and several drops of any essential oil to make a fantastic pleasant scent.

For removing the musty smell from clothes, add two tablespoons of acetum.

No 5. Hydrogen peroxide

It is commonly made of oxygen mixed with water, making this liquid harmful but remembers that it does not mix with vinegar because they make too much bad reaction.

It is best for cleaning fridges inside, disinfecting counters, or cleaning drains; grab a bottle of peroxide.

No 6. Salt

It is a genuinely perfect cleaning agent. We can easily clean bath, kitchen, toilets, and even for fighting with spots with simple table salt or sea salt.

If you want to clean up the fridge inside enough to pulverize them with the salt diluted in sparkling water.

No 7. Fresh lemon juice

The citrus is mainly used for cleaning the grease, dirt and soapy traces. It prevents mold from appearing and works as a disinfectant and deodorizer.

No 8. Corn starch

A good substitute for chemicals and also used for cleaning glass.

No 9. Olive oil

It is used to polish your wooden furniture. A couple of drops is used to clean clothes, table; chairs will be shiny look again. Great work on leather furniture and items.

No 10. Vitamin C fizzy tablets

It is used for cleaning dirty tubs. This very cheap price product is used for cleaning carpets, laundry, stains etc.

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