We know your desire to keep your tea or coffee super-hot at least at the time when you are about to drink it. We can tell you that you are not alone in having such a desire for tea or coffee. The fact is that every Tom, Dick and, Harry is aching with this ambition, and it is for this reason that we want to introduce to you at least 10 mug warmers with auto shut-off buttons to give you the best service in keeping your coffee or tea hot for you.

Before we write into some detail about ten mug warmers, we consider it correct to remind you that you must consider some basic things in a mug warmer ahead of buying it.

List of the Best Coffee Cup Warmer with Auto Shut Off

Buy Guide for the Best Coffee Cup Warmer with Auto Shut Off

It is binding on us to advise you to check some important things in a mug warmer, you are going to purchase for yourself. We think that our guidelines would remain abortive at all if we just tell you about ten mug warmers and do not place emphasis on some basic points that can lead you to buy a good and durable mug warmer. So, these are the essential things that must occupy your mind when you enter any shop to get any mug warmer.


Coffee mug warmers are available in the market at different prices. We can tell you that some mug warmers are sold at higher prices but there are also some other mug warmers which can be gotten at some reasonable rates. It is their built quality and functions that should make you decide to buy them. You must take care to save your money but that is not to say that you should draw back from getting the best mug warmer just because of the fact that it is coming into your possession at some higher cost.

So prepare yourself to accord higher importance to the qualities and functions of mug warmers. This is something that would lead you to get some solid, beautiful and good working coffee mug warmer.


It is the introduction to the features of any coffee mug warmer that plays its effective part in making you feel drawn towards it. In point of fact, if your mug warmer is possessing more features, it means that it can perform functions in line with your desires while providing you with your best-loved drinks several times in one single day.

So make up your mind to attach maximum importance to the features of a mug warmer, you intend to purchase.

Power Cable Length

There are various lengths of power cables that are connected with different coffee mug warmers. They happen to be short and long. And people choose them according to their personal needs. In this regard, it is our suggestion to you that you should ask for a long power cable, because a time may come when you feel an urgency to make the most of a long power cable. So, you must be in possession of such a mug warmer that comes with a longer power cord.

You should also take care that your longer power cable should never block the way while ensuring maximum ease for you.

Cordless Mug Warmer or Wired Mug Warmer

It is a reality that when you charge your cordless mug warmer to the fullest, it proves an immense help to you in warming up your tea or coffee in a couple of seconds, even at an hour when you are facing some load-shedding of electricity.

But as a matter of fact, we feel tempted to counsel you that you should choose a wired mug warmer on a priority basis because it is the opinion of some experts that cordless mug warmer or battery-operated coffee cup warmer prove unable to produce adequate heat. Resultantly, they cannot keep your drinks warm according to your expectations.

And if you decide to purchase a cordless mug warmer, it is obviously with this mug warmer that you can get warm drinks without being worried.

And now we are going to introduce to you the ten best Mug warmers. Read about them carefully so that you can choose one or more than for your personal use.

1.COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer- Best Selling Coffee Mug Warmer on Amazon

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Key Features

manufactured from food graded 304 stainless steel along with 17oz mug

Best thermal conductivity and premium material

Perfect for keeping beverages warm all-day

Easily switch between °F and °C

LED Light display

User-friendly design, easy to use

Cool-touch handles

The flat mug bottom makes full contact with the warming plate to keep your coffee cozy

Compatible with 100V–240V outlets

Lifetime customer support from Cosori

Product Description

COSORI is a company that is known to make solid and beautiful things for the use of its customers. So, this company has introduced a spotless steel mug warmer in a very good and adorable design. You can set the temperature of this mug warmer with your hand from room temperature to 230 F. Besides, you enjoy the option to set its temperature according to your needs.

You would get a small adaptor with this mug warmer and when you get this adaptor plugged in, its power light turns on, making it clear to you that your mug warmer is at work. You also have the option of choosing between Centigrade and Fahrenheit. Furthermore, this mug warmer resists spills and has tough and good technology to serve you very well.


This is a mug warmer that possesses a very good temperature control to  make things appreciable in your home.

Its LCD display is something that makes you admire its working.

If you have this mug warmer in your home, you do not need to get worried about spilling of anything, because it resists spilling in a very good manner.


x We did not find any disadvantages that this mug warmer carries with it.

COSORI Mug Warmer Review

“Its buyers say that it is a very good mug warmer. One purchaser says he is using this mug for the last three years and he does not have anything to complain about. One buyer tells that he loves this mug warmer because it keeps his beverages at the same temperature at all times. Another user appreciates it a lot while telling that it proves very useful for him in keeping his tea warm almost all day long”.

“This works perfectly, keeping my hot beverage at the same temperature as I started–I love it”

“Finding a higher power mug warmers is hard enough, most are 17 watts or less, but finding one of this quality can’t be done. Yes, it’s more money than most warmers, but you can feel and see the quality”

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2.NiceLucky Coffee Mug Warmer with Auto Shut Off- Best Travel Mug Warmer

It is surely a beautiful mug warmer that would not only add to the beauty of your desk or table but also prove a good help to you in keeping your coffee hot at your disposal. The best feature of the NiceLucky coffee cup warmer is this you can enjoy cold beverages in summer and hot coffee in winter. It is best for indoor and outdoor uses. It is very easy to use. The cup warmer has a micro induction control system.

It has an auto shut off system. When you put your mug on the pad then heat entering the mug. When the mug reaches on required heat, it is automatically turn off. Mini Mug warmer is perfect for different sizes of cups.

In each style and color, this mug warmer would serve you well and you would begin to praise its outstanding qualities. It is compatible with three temperatures 131℉ 149℉ to 167℉. 

It possesses a remarkable length cord and it gives you a guarantee of one year.

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This mug warmer comes with a very good cord length.

You would find this mug warmer suitable in all kinds of situations.


x It is a matter of fact that this mug warmer does not come while possessing any faults.

What People Say About This Product

“One of its purchasers tells that whenever he approaches this mickey’s mouse mug warmer, he finds his tea warm and this is the reason he keeps it within his access. One more user says that if it is your desire to keep your tea hot from the first sip to the last one, you must think of purchasing mickey’s mouse mug warmer”.

“One woman tells she and her husband are used to sip their coffee very slowly. They have tried different mugs but this mug prepared by mickey’s mouse company has been proved the best choice because it keeps their coffee warm even if they tend to sip it slowly”.

“My husband and I are slow sippers. We’ve tried different mugs, smaller portions, and even a wax warmer base. This keeps the coffee at the perfect temperature, for extended periods”

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3.AutoCafe Take Out Hot Cup Warmer

You would get at least three temperature settings along with this coffee mug warmer. You can also use this mug warmer to warm milk for your little children while sitting in front of your writing table. We also want to give you a glad-tiding that this mug warm has all capabilities to be your companion when you step out of your home for beginning some brief or long journey.

It is something simpler to get this warmer cleaned. You need just an easy wipe and your mug warmer will be superbly neat and clean. One more appreciable quality of this mug is that it automatically turns on when you insert a cup in it. And when you remove the cup, it is turned off.

This mug’s weight is almost 7.02oz and you can take it as the best travel companion. It would prove a safer choice for your journeys. You would also note that it shields well your disposable cups.

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When you would use this mug warmer in your home or during your travel,  you would note it that its usage is simpler for you.

This mug warmer would provide you with the facility of warming at least 20 ounce cups.

If you put this mug warmer to your use, you would be able to keep your all drinkable waters and beverages hot and tasty.

You can fit this mug warmer into standard car cup with much ease.


x One most conspicuous disadvantage of this mug warmer is that its warmer plate does not touch cup’s bottom.

What People Say About This Product

“One another customer tells he uses this mug for warming his coffee and it keeps it warm all times. One another buyer advises the readers that they should purchase this mug to keep their coffee warm. It is a mug that does this job so remarkably”.

“Great product. Purchased two and my wife and I are pleased with this enabler to our SB addiction. Three long trips and counting.

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4.ANBANGLIN Coffee Warmer with Auto Shut Off for Home & Office Desk

It is said about this mug warm that it stands above almost all other mug warmers due to its qualities that it usually carries with it. If you are at your office or in your home, this decorative mug warmer would prove equally useful to you in getting warm tea or coffee or any other beverages at all hours.

This Norpro decorative mug warmer comes with at least 24 UL-approved nonstick hot plates that work tremendously to make your tea or coffee very warm. Furthermore, this mug warmer gives you the possibility to clean them without facing any difficulty. You would find an on and off button with a neon indicator light and a sixty inches long cord. And it is capable to be your companion at all places, whether you are at home, at office or at any other place.

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After purchasing this mug warmer you would feel that it is your best companion in the course of your journeys.

Its nonstick heating plates does not cause any inconvenience to you when  you are about to get it cleaned.


x This mug warmer has only one disadvantage and it is this that it gives bad smell when its nonstick heating plates are hot.

What People Say About This Product

“One of its purchasers says that he has been using this mug warmer for one month and during this time he has found that heating element of this mug is burnt despite the fact that he used it for five hours continuously. But there is one more purchaser of this mug who tells a different story. He tells that this mug remains at his desk for most of the time and he is very happy with it. It keeps his tea warm at all times”.

“One another customer tells he uses this mug for warming his coffee and it keeps it warm all times. One another buyer advises the readers that they should purchase this mug to keep their coffee warm. It is a mug that does this job so remarkably”.

“I’ve been using this for less than a month and the heating element is already burnt out after use for 4-5 non-consecutive hours each work day”

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5.VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer

You would find thermostat adjuster in this VOGABA coffee mug warmer that facilities you to choose from 3 different temperatures, and these temperature limits are 104, 131 and 143 degrees in Fahrenheit. Moreover, its auto-shut off option does the job of turning it off automatically so that you do not have to incur any loss, even if you have forgotten to shut it off.

You can shut it off or on by just touching its on and off buttons. In addition, you would notice that this mug warmer is very solid and it would not break if it falls on the flour due to any negligence on your part. It resists heat and fire very well and keeps all damages away from you that can be caused to you due to heat or fire.

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This mug warmer is a possessor of a thermostat adjuster that allows you to use three different temperature settings.

It also has a water proof heating surface, along with giving you the auto shutoff option.


x The only disadvantage of this mug warmer is that you would not find it suitable to work on double walled mugs.

What People Say About This Product

“One user says that it is very good to use its highest setting when your cup of tea or coffee is full. But you can decrease its temperature when the amount of your tea or coffee is decreasing because of your continuous consuming. One more buyer says that this mug keeps your coffee hot at the highest setting”.

“Another user says that this mug is doing good job of keeping his tea hot at all times as he expected from it. One another happy user tells that he has tried three different mugs but they could not do well in keeping his beverages hot. Finally, he bought it and it is proving awesome”.

 “I find it better to use the highest setting when the cup is full, and then work your way down as you consume your beverage”

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6.Elyss Cup Warmer with Three settings, Auto Shut Off

Mr. Coffee mug warmer is an ideal mug warmer that does tremendous job of keeping your tea or coffee hot at all times. You can use this mug to warm various beverages and soups to enjoy them very much. This mug possesses a suitable cord length that helps it a lot to do good job of warming your tea or coffee or any other beverage in an amazing way.

Mr. Mug does not have much weight. Its rubber pads work well to stop this mug from slipping.

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Mr. Coffee mug warmer possesses an amazing cord length.

Comapny has made this mug while using a material of very nice and delicate quality due to which, it looks so beautiful.

It is a lightweight mug warmer.


x The only disadvantage of Mr. mug warmer is that it is not much durable.

What People Say About This Product

“One buyer is very disappointed with it. He says it does not work well to keep your coffee or tea hot. So, it is not wise to waste money on it. But on the other hand, one more user says that it works so well while producing more than 220 degrees just to draw 17 watts. Another user says that he is using this mug for at least six months and he wants to tell everybody that he has purchased the best coffee mug warmer”.

“One buyer says that people should take some care when their coffee is about to end. Because, its last sips turn so hot”.

“Works great! Produces 220+ degrees while drawing approximately 17 watts and has plenty of cord”

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7.Oracer Mug Warmer with Auto Shutoff

If you place this mug warmer on your table, we are sure that it would give a very beautiful look to your table. The reality is that it is a beautiful mug warmer. And we suggest to you that you must purchase it to make your table look very attractive on the one hand while getting hot coffee from this mug from the other.

Its smart mug identification sensor is a tool that automatically knows whether or not cup or mug is placed on its glass surface. If you switch on adjustment button at a time when cup is not placed, it would never turn on. But when cup is put on its glass surface, it is the time when putting of cup is detected by this mug warmer and its adjuster starts its work.

There is a timer facility on the glass surface of this mug warmer in addition to a gear touch button. It is here that you get two gear options. You can use gear one to raise temperature while the gear two is used for lowering temperature.

And at a time when you get this mug warmer turned off and after some time, you turn it on again, it is the very time when its cup recognition is turned on by itself. It is necessary for you to keep pressing the gear button at least for ten seconds, when you desire to turn of smart cup recognition sensor of this mug warmer.

If you are desirous to get more and more benefits from this coffee mug warmer, then it would be wise for you to use flat bottom cups and mugs on its heating plate.

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This coffee mug warmer possesses 150 cm cord length that makes it an ideal choice for you.

There is a cup sensing technology that comes along with this mug warmer due to which its importance is increased manifold.

You would get eight hour timer option with this mug warmer over and above two level temperature settings.


x There are no disadvantages to be numerated along with the introduction of this mug warmer.

What People Say About This Product

“One buyer says that this mug warmer continues to maintain the temperature at 104 to 140F. He also tells that it is immensely helpful to keep his tea warm. One more buyer puts inordinate emphasis on its careful usage because of the fact that metal cup gets warm. But he also expresses his intention to purchase it for the second time too while citing its super advantages for keeping tea warm at all times”.

“One more satisfying customer says his drinks remain warm all the time just because of its presence by his side. Two more buyers speak highly of this mug warmer with an immense sense of pleasure”.

“ I will say you have to be cautious – the metal cup gets warm (obviously), but I actually appreciated it since my office is FREEZING!! LOVE the warmer. I would buy it again”

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8.BESTINNKITS Blue Light Coffee Mug Warmer

Bestinnkits blue light coffee mug warmer has been introduced just with the motive of keeping your coffee and all other drinks warm so that you may enjoy them to the fullest. The fact is that this mug warmer is the possessor of a heating plate that performs with much excellence at a time when you choose to use a flat base cup instead of any concave cup. And this flat cup establishes full connection with the heating plate and this is the reason for our telling you that you must manage to use this flat base cup.

We also want to tell you that you feel comfortable when you use its built-in gravity induction switch and we also want to tell you that it does not require you to turn it on or off at every time when you put it to your use.

And heating plate of this mug warmer proves adequately helpful to resist water. It has the covering of thermal conductive glass. It also resists spilling along with putting good resistance to water.

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This is a coffee mug warmer that comes with an auto on and off buttons.

You would notice that its design is waterproof.

Its indicator light proves quite a help for you at a time when you put this mug to your use.

You can clean this mug without exerting any considerable effort.


x The only disadvantage of this coffee mug warmer is that its power cord is not long in keeping with your desires.

What People Say About This Product

“One buyer says that this mug warmer does not warm coffee as he expected from it at the time of purchasing it but in the same breath, he also tells that this mug is better than other mugs available in the market at the same price. One more buyer says he loves this mug warmer because of its qualities. It keeps his drinks warm all the time and he is very happy with it”.

“There is one more customer to tell that his wife has the habit of drinking coffee continuously all day long. He says that this mug warmer proves an excellent help to his wife in her task of getting warm coffee again and again in the whole day”.

“This works perfectly, keeping my hot beverage the same temperature as I started with the whole time it sat on this mug warmer I love it”.

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9.Misby- Best Coffee Mug Warmer for Your Desk

Misby coffee mug warmer proves an inordinate help to you when you are working at your desk and desire for getting a cup of warm coffee or tea. The fact is that this mug warmer keeps your coffee at 131 F and at this temperature your coffee is neither hot nor cold.

This is a mug warmer that comes in your hands while possessing gravity induction technology that is used to turn its on and off buttons in an automatic way. This mug is in possession of the heating area of about 3.5’’ diameter that happens to be appropriate for more cups and mugs.

You should also be mindful of the fact that heating plate of this mug gets too hot and you should never touch it just to avoid any kind of mishap.

And finally, we can give you assurance that after purchasing this Misby best coffee mug warmer, you would have a feeling that it is looking very beautiful by the side of your desk and helping you a lot in fulfilling your desire of getting warm coffee right at your desk.

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This is a coffee mug warmer that comes in your hands along with a longer power cable.

Its cord length is also 47 inches long that helps it to work well alongside your desk.

The surface cleaning of this coffee mug warmer does not offer any challenge to you.

You would get felicity of temperature setting on this mug warmer just in keeping with your need.


x We do not come across any disadvantages that are told at the time of its introduction.

What People Say About This Product

“One of the buyers of this mug warmer tells that its two rings around its center where cup is placed prove to be very hot at a time when you place your cup on it at least for 15 minutes. He advises people to practice some care in this regard to avoid any unexpected nasty situation. But one another customer says that it is very beautiful mug warmer that also works beautifully to keep his coffee and chocolate warm at all times”.

“One more buyer tells that it comes up to all the expectations that he had in his mind prior to its purchasing. Because, it keeps his coffee very warm till the very last sip”.

“It does what it is supposed to, looks on par with the expensive counterparts. Keep your coffee warm till the last sip”

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10.KUWAN  Coffee Mug Warmer

KUWAN coffee mug warmer is an advanced version of the previous mug warmer that came with the electric film heating technology along with a built-in heating chip that worked well for ensuring the equal heat supply to entire heating ceramic plate.

The fact is that this mug warmer comes with an ideal thermostatic base on which you put your cups. We want to tell you that your cup base should be less than three and half inches. We also deem it essential to suggest to you that you should use such cups that have flat bottoms. You can get more and more output from this mug by choosing a cup with a flat bottom.

This mug also gives you the option of lowering and raising temperature as per your needs. And finally, its auto shut off option is something that turns it off after two hours are over.

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This mug warmer ensures overheat protection for you.

Its longer power cord is something that proves an immense help to make it work well.

It also possesses the option of fast heating to serve you in an amazing manner.


x The fact is that we could not find any disadvantages to be told to anybody.

What People Say About This Product

“One buyer says it is a good mug warmer and works wonders to provide him with warm tea. But he tells that it comes with one fault and the fault is that it gives very bad smell of plastic burning. One more buyer says he has to turn it on to get his coffee warm but on the other hand he expresses his pleasure with it”.

“One more customer says he has stomach problems and for this reason he cannot drink cold water. So, he is in its need all the time and it serves him well all the time. He also tells that this mug warmer fits all of his mugs”.

“I like the way it looks but I have to turn it on before getting my coffee ready so it will be nice and hit and keep my coffee just the way I like it”

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions that are asked about coffee mug warmers again and again.

Question No 1. What is a mug warmer?

Answer: The first thing in the morning or in the afternoon which we wish to have is a hot cup of coffee or tea. This is something that also proves an immense help to us at a time after morning, when we want to get relaxed while being in the middle of different tiring jobs. So, when you are about to drink your coffee or tea some routine things can disturb you, quite unexpectedly. It can be a phone call, a doorbell or crying of your baby or any other minor thing. And when you have faced any of these things or some other unexpected things and go back to your cup of tea, you find that it has turned cold.

So what will you do in such a situation? It is here that you feel the need to have a coffee mug warmer in your possession that helps a lot to keep you coffee or tea, even if you are continuously disturbed by a series of unexpected but usual and minor happenings.

You must be aware of the fact that your mug warmer keeps your drinks hot in such a way that you begin to appreciate its functions to keep warm beverages at your disposals at all hours.

Question No 2: What is the best cup to keep coffee hot?

Answer: To tell you straight, contigo stainless steel travel mug is something that is the best cup to keep your coffee hot for many hours so much so that you are quite capable to enjoy every sip of your hot coffee without getting worried about it. And when you are in the middle of some journey, you are for sure in need of a travel mug that can provide you with hot beverages at all moments.

Furthermore, we also want to tell you that to find a right answer to your question, some experts went through 20 different posts and 25 travel mugs, available on Amazon and then arrived at the decision that Contigo stainless steel travel mug is the suitable answer to your question.

Question No 3: Can a candle warmer be used as a mug warmer?

Answer: The reality is that a candle warmer is an electric warmer that melts a candle and it is usually put to use with jar candles or candles in cup. There are also some candle warmers that come while having a built-in bowl where candle is put. And one the other hand, a mug warmer is an electric device that keeps your coffee, tea and all beverages warm for you. This mug comes with an electric plate that is heated up at a time when you get it plugged in. if you are desirous of enjoying a cup of warm tea, then you must thinking of purchasing some mug warmer.

Now that you have sufficiently known the difference between a candle warmer and a mug warmer, you can grasp the answer to your question yourself. But we would tell you that you can surely use a candle warmer as a mug warmer. You should also keep this fact in your mind that candle warmers are not made to warm your tea or other drinks.

Furthermore, if you are thinking of purchasing some multitasking warmer, then you must buy a mug warmer. And lastly, we want to make it abundantly clear to  you that you can use a mug warmer in place of a candle warmer, but if you tried to use a candle warmer as a mug warmer, we can tell you beforehand that you would not get desired results adequately.

Question No 4: How hot do a coffee cup warmer get?

Answer: The fact of the matter is that a coffee cup warmer governs the temperature of your drink to a particular extant while stopping it from getting cold. National Coffee Association says that the optimal brewing temperature is 195 to 205 F, it happens to be the desirable temperature for your beverages as is said by a 2008 article that was published in the journal “Burns” is almost 136 F. Experts believe that surface temperature remains different in different mug warmers. They are usually heated at temperature between 120 and 140 F. And this is something due to which your drinks remain hot at all times.

Question No 5: How to keep coffee mug warmer for long?

Answer: If it is your desire to keep your coffee warm for a long time, you must care to act on the following tips, we are writing below.

1.Put some hot water in your mug or place it in the microwave so that the cup is warm and when your cup is adequately warm, you should pour in it hot coffee or tea.

2.We would tell you that you can also use thermo cups to keep your coffee hot for a long period of time.

3.You can also use men’s thick winter socks or some thick wool to wrap the mug with it ahead of putting hot drinks in your cup.

4.You can also cover the cup well after putting in it hot tea or coffee just from the top in order to stop the heat to disappear while following the process of vaporization.

5.And if  you have tried all tips and nothing is doing the trick, it is then that you should think of getting a mug warmer to serve the purpose of keeping your tea or coffee hot so easily.

Question No 6: Do ceramic mugs keep coffee hot?

Answer: You must be knowing it already that ceramic carries inordinate importance for our kitchen and cooking, eating and drinking utensils. They appear to be microwave safe but we do not find them as solid as metal and plastic commodities. The fact is that they do not keep our drinks warm for any longer period of time. You should also know that they keep our coffee hot if they have good kind of thickness of insulation.

You must know it fully that a good ceramic mug performs a good job of keeping your coffee hot for an indefinite period of time. And its reason is that it possesses double walls. This mug has the quality to keep cold drink cold and hot drink hot. And its additive benefit is that your hands do not feel hot or cold at all.

Question No 7: Does the mug warmer possess an auto shut-off functionality?

Answer: There are many mug warmers on Amazon that possess auto shut-off functionality. But you should also be aware that such mug warmers can be a bit expensive. You should keep this fact in your mind that such mug warmers prove quite useful for keeping your drinks on a particular temperature.

Question No 8: Is the mug warmer dishwasher safe?

Answer: We would like to suggest to you that you should not prepare yourself to wash your mug warmer under some dishwasher safe method because dishwashing mug warmers is something that does not cause any good to them. Contrarily, we would counsel you to clean your mug warmer with some wet cloth and this is very easy and useful for your mug warmer.